Thursday, August 30, 2012

Blogger to Blogger Interview with Nette from Nette's Bookshelf Reviews

1. What would you say is your blog's motto?

To read with an open mind and review honestly and objectively.  When I say objectively, what I mean is I will not put in any negative talk (i.e how idiotic of the author to include that in _____) I believe there is always a nice way to say something constructive. That’s how I view my role as a book reviewer, as a person who will give an honest opinion and constructive criticism. 

2. How long  have you been blogging? And when did you begin?

I’m a blog baby! I’ve been blogging for about a year total, I have a personal blog that I started with but as far as the book review blog-only about one month.  I started Nette’s Bookshelf Reviews in late June of this year. 

3. What type of books do you review most often?

I would say…it’s varied. I’m contacted by authors of different genres and if the book seems like something I would like then I will review it.  But for my personal reviews it’s almost always going to be romance. 

4. What are some of your favorite blogs that you'd recommend to others?

Hmmm…I like reading the posts from Bookish Brunnette. She keeps it real!

5. In what way would you say that blogging is an excellent media tool?

It will definitely get you exposure.  Everything is slowly moving to the on-line world and if you’re not known on the web, nobody knows who you are. 

6. What are your favorite things to do when not working? 

I enjoy cooking, baking, playing chess, shopping, reading (of course) and spending time with my kids. 

7. Any amazing movie or book you have read recently?

Hmmm…Amazing book, I’d have to say is A Discovery of Witches. I know, it’s been out for a while but it’s one of my favorites that I’ve read recently. 
I haven’t watched a movie in a while that I would say is “amazing” all the movies nowadays seem to be remakes.  But I will say that I’m a Kevin Smith fan (like big time, I’ve watched and loved all the movies he’s made!)  And oddly enough I seem to enjoy Meryl Streep movies. 

Check out the interview on me as a blogger Antoinette did at her blog-Nette's Bookshelf Reviews.

Antoinette, The Book Blogger

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Aside from reading she enjoys cooking and baking and as her three boys (four counting my husband) like to put it "ruining their fun with her rules and regulations!" Antoinette is a die-hard football fan and a soccer mom.  Yes, shd has a busy life but loves it! All she needs in her life are  books, her boys, her blog and a good cup of coffee-or two! 

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