Thursday, December 1, 2016

Moving to Mexico

I am sure by now most people have heard of the U.S. election. And due to the results I have gotten the courage to leave Georgia. It's a big decision but why not? I don't like racism or racists or entitled men who wish to be presidents out nowhere and people who vote for those like that. While it was nice that some voted Hillary Clinton it doesn't change the fact that the majority didn't. It disgusts me and a part of me cannot forgive it. I guess I believed in the good of all Americans and that is why it hit me the hardest knowing that I was wrong about the U.S.A. 

Thanks states like Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota, Illinois, New York, Vermont, and Maine. I just wish more states and Americans had not voted for someone preposterous who happened to win. 

This means change for this blog. Considerable enough I wasn't sure how to address further blog posts. Since I am moving I'll be trying to whip up one last book review. That review I needed to get up for Sunborn Rising but after that who knows. This blog will still get maintenance in updates on the about the blog page and I will still occasionally use Twitter because of my loyalty to it but now mostly incognito. On Twitter I won't be offering any personal notes about myself any more and on here I likely won't be volunteering any new content. It will all be mere maintenance. 

Monday, October 31, 2016

A Movie Review: The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Should you attempt to look far and wide you will hardly find any animated movie as dark and deep as a Tim Burton one. The Nightmare Before Christmas is certainly noteworthy. 

While most people equate dark with bad. Sometimes dark can be quite beautiful and genuine. In The Nightmare Before Christmas we definitely have a fleshed out story and universe where whole livelihoods exist on a few main holidays and such inhabitants take to borrowing their everyday appearance to those holidays. It helps that for the most part given the closed-off corners they live in they are the stereotypical characters of their holiday. An interesting approach to say the least.

In all this, we have Jack Skellington who by now has become bored with his existence and his place in Halloween town. He decides to do something new but this backfires badly. In comes Sally, an individual, that has kept an eye on him for quite some time. She understands this emptiness that has been growing inside him and continually tries to help him.

While the strory is phenomenal, another thing is the animation and music. Yes. For most accounts, while I first saw this I hadn't noticed it was some type of spooky musical it became noticeable with a scene called Jack's Lament by Danny Elfman. It's terribly enchanting and it is in that moment I noticed, hey, this is an an animated musical movie to an extent.

It's pretty ingenious and an excellent Halloween movie topped by an excellent voice acting cast. Definitely check it out!

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