Monday, September 28, 2015

Updates + What I'm Listening to, perhaps, the greatest Rock band Ever (Ling Tosite Sigure)

As I mentioned before I am, in fact, returning to book blogging but it's taking me a little longer than usual to complete Philistine by Steven Shrewsbury than I expected. Nevertheless, I should have a book review up for Philistine at the very least this coming October.

Now beyond that, I, want to introduce to those of you who may be reading quite an interesting, no, bewitching Rock band that I have come across called Ling Tosite Sigure (凛として時雨). As you can see from the Soundcloud playlist below, the playlist, offers some great Ling Tosite Sigure songs (though they have more discography to go through). Probably one of the things about them that most impresses me is that all of the musicians in the band from the guitarist/composer/lead singer, bassist, and drummer are actually exceptionally skilled at playing their instruments. Not to mention the intricacy of the music. If that wasn't great enough the lead singer, TK, has a rare singing voice. Not just a unique singing voice but a rare one.

So while I'm reading Philistine by Steven Shrewsbury this is the type of music I am listening to. Which is why, due to the utter craziness of the music I'm going to work on tweaking the future book review format of my book reviews on the blog, just so, I can share the type of music playlists I am listening to while reading certain books. I think that should be very fun and at the very least it should make things more interesting.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

A new book blogging phase

I'm back to book blogging! OK, this time for sure. I'm finally in the mood again and in a good place again to want to be taken in by books and more books. That wasn't the case for me in 2013 and throughout that time to 2014. Maybe even before then. That's what stress does to you. Stress makes you lose the passion you had for the things you used to love. 

Thankfully anime blogging helped to ease the pain. After all unlike, reading, watching anime and later blogging about it has always been much easier. Yeah. I think I have anime to thank for my ongoing continuation of book blogging. If it wasn't for my anime blog, keeping me in the loop of blogging I probably would have already abandoned this book blog like so many book bloggers do, sadly. Yet, I actually accomplished a whole lot with this blog and believe me there was never a moment that I wasn't happy and cherished the authors I happened to cross paths with thanks to this here blog, Book & Movie Dimension a Blog. During my heavy book blogging days I do know I met quite a few independent, self-published authors and their amazing books. I also met big-name agents for publishers from Gallery Books and even small press agents from Seventh Star Press or that other favorite small press of mine Hydra Publications. Unfortunately, due to high spam from my email account sometime in 2014 I lost all my contacts to those in the book blogging world. That's right! My old email is no longer active on my part.

While I could be tempted to moan and feel self-pity for myself, oh, and there is that. I think in the end this might have been a good thing. While I had quite the time working with so many people from big-name publishers to the small. This is for the best. That kind of life was stressful.

With what is left of 2015 I hope instead to blog about books that solely personally interest me as an individual. I might still take review requests, if I'm interested but I'm in no hurry. I can buy my own manga, comics, or books. Heck. I already have several books on my digital bookshelves I will soon be buying in print. While I am tempted to just up and read books that I kind of have been meaning to read for some time now like Parallel Worlds by Michio Kaku and get on reading Queen of the Faire by Gillian Summers. I will stick to responsibility momentarily since I recall getting a print copy of Philistine by Steven Shrewsbury from Seventh Star Press, therefore I will finish reading Philistine and reviewing it. After that though, I will be leisurely reading and reviewing. No deadlines. No author reminders to get things done. Book reviews and eventual author interviews will be entirely based on personal interest and devotion. Why rush myself?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Geekcultured 2015 Fall Giveaway Blog Hop

This post comes from my anime blog, The Huge Anime Fan!
With the coming of the colder weather comes my most favorite season, Fall (think Halloween too). With that in mind I’m planning to coordinate my next blog giveaway alongside a blog hop. For those of you who may be new to blog hops these are a great way to promote whatever you are potentially giving away, connect with other bloggers, or to outright promote your blog. I’m doing the first. I want to have as many eyes as possible on the next blog giveaway I’m planning. I’m after all giving away something that is music related that I hold quite dear. To read more about the power of blog hops: What is a Blog Hop Anyway?-Blogaholic
What is the Geekcultured Fall Giveaway Blog Hop?
I decided to make this blog hop specifically because unfortunately there is no running blog hop with an emphasis on Geek Culture like anime, manga, light novels, gamer related stuff, and or books all in one.


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