Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Skincare Tip: A trick to keep your face from drying when using an acne-clearing benzoyl peroxide cleanser

It's been a while since I talked about skincare and I thought I should given something I came across as of late. The skincare product is St. Ives Nourished and Smooth Oatmeal + Mask. Before I discussed how my greatest struggle in skincare is to find the right moisturizer that isn't greasy or contains alcohol. So why not stop something from being needed in the first place?

Image Credit: Beauty blog of a kind

I found a good solution. After using a benzoyl peroxide cleanser to clear your face applying the St. Ives oatmeal paste works to leave your face soothed and relatively moisturized.

It works and I'm more surprised that my original idea to try this panned out. Mainly because I thought that oatmeal always did look glompy and hydrating. It's not a use all the time solution but for those with low or moderate dry skin this could work wonders if used in combination with each other.
Image Credit: Musings of a Muse
Thanks again for reading! More skincare tips to come.

About St. Ives' Beauty Philosophy
St. Ives is dedicated to bringing you the best of nature with formulas that delight the senses as they leave your skin with a soft, fresh feel. We understand that little every day choices we make help better your life. That's why St. Ives is a formulator of quality products.

Monday, August 29, 2016

The blog's Lineup this September 2016 (Audio Memo)

The blog's readership and analytics (August 27, 2016)

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25-34 (next highest visits)
34-44 (3rd most visited by this age bracket)

Affinity Categories
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Other Categories
1. Books & Literature
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24. Mexico

Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Fascinating website from China, Bilibili

One of the most thrilling things for me as an online user is finding new or interesting websites to frequent be it Goodreads or Twitter and recently came across one such website, Bilibili.

I was so impressed by it that I proceeded to look into information about the company. 

What drew me to Bilibili is not the video-oriented platform but the comments that appear directly in the videos as if floating, taken from the comments section of the videos on the site. This is pretty new and it's pretty amazing especially taking into account how the text is arranged in colors.

If you love finding websites with something new to offer then this is one site to check out. 

Country of Origin: China

Bilibili is a video sharing website themed around anime, manga, and game fandom based in China.

Other themes are present like videos of music, dancing, Science, Entertainment, movies, drama, and Fashion.

Along with that, Bilibili, provides live broadcasting and viewers can interact with the host. The founder of Bilibili is Xu Yi.

Porches releases Water Demo EP

Quite recently and surprisingly Porches released a demo EP containing songs from their Pool album.
Water EP by Porches

Now this EP called Water is streaming on Spotify and a few select songs are offered on Youtube. If you were into Porches' latest work then this is a new morsel to enjoy.

About the Water EP

Aaron Maine's Porches follows the release of this year's acclaimed Pool with the Water EP - a new standalone insight into the music that formed the melodic skeleton of Pool, alongside a pair of previously unreleased songs in 'Black Dress' and 'Black Budweiser T-Shirt'. Recorded solo in his adopted home of New York City, the Water EP strips Maine's work down to its core, opening the curtain on his musical metamorphosis from previous releases Slow Dance in the Cosmos and those of his alias, Ronald Paris, into the Porches of today.

Enter to win your very own CD copy of Pool here on the blog. Enter here. Ends October 2, 2016. Open to those in the USA. All costs such as shipping and handling will be covered so no purchase necessary. Winner chosen by

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Amazon Kindle Freebie! Sunborn Rising by Aaron Safronoff

This notification came to me through Twitter. Go download your e-book copy. Today only.

Check out the story premise on Goodreads.
Download your own copy here.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Kashi Dark Mocha Almond granola bar Review

Dark coffee ground in a yummy way as to suggest a dark mocha latte with a berry tinge.
Kashi dark mocha almond granola bar photo

Kashi dark mocha almond granola bar impresses me with this offering. I did not expect it to be this delectable but for once we have a flavor that is as advertised.

Given this is my first time trying this Kashi granola bar I am pretty astounded by the taste, it was strong enough I couldn't help but be fully focused on it. Good job, Kashi!

Buy Kashi granola bars:$4.99 + Shipping and Handling

On My Wishlist (August 2016)

A look at some of the things that are on my wishlist. I have been really wanting some shorts considering I noticed I hardly have any except dress pants and more dressier ware. 

1. HDE cream crochet cut-out shorts: These could go with so many blouses and tops. While there are various color options I chose the cream so that I go with a color that draws attention right off but not in an overt overpowering way or in a too muted way.

2. Skullcandy earbuds: I kind of have to get new and pricier Skullcandy earbuds because since listening to Pool by Porches [music album] I took note that the way it sounds due to how well-produced it is will be more fully taken advantage of if I had better audio equipment. The music is that sonically rich and strong.

Still trying to decide but it will be one of these three pairs.

EyeBuyDirect Cool for Class Buy One, Get One Pair of Eyeglasses Free Offer

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Movie DVD Release Dying in Anticipation for: Star Trek Beyond (2016)

Could it release faster already?!! 


Saturday, August 13, 2016

Movie Spotting: Nerve, Kubo and the Two Strings, SING, Bad Moms, and More

The Neon Demon |
In an eventful year for movies, Jeff Bezos, made an appearance as an alien in the newest Star Trek movie and the lead star of that Chris Pine happens to be starring on one of the highlights of this movie spotting, Hell on High Water.

Next we have the splashiest possibly would-be movie, Nerve with Emma Roberts. This is the actress best known for Nickelodeon's Unfabulous and later wonderful movies like Aquamarine, Nancy Drew, but also starring in TV shows like American Horror Story. This movie is looking great already from the movie's trailer with Emma Robert's typical sweetness. Not to mention the technology-laden backdrop of the story could prove very interesting.

On the funny spectrum, we have Florence with Hugh Grant about an older woman who dreams of singing, the only problem, she has a horrible singing voice. 

The movie's plot relies on her struggle to overcome this and seemingly show others that one can do it because everyone's voice should be heard. And another one on the comedy side is Central Intelligence, I believe, in theaters already about a young overweight young man who grows up to change himself and becomes a member of the CIA. All because he hates bullies. I agree, bullies are disgusting. 

Then a funny, family-centered film, Bad Moms starring the alluring Mila Kunis who is, in fact, a new mom herself. This is a movie about moms not taking themselves seriously and OK doing outrageous but funny things. 

A Look at the blog's readership & Analytics

By age: 18-24, 25-34
By gender: More female than male

1. Music Lovers/Pop Music Fans
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6. Shutterbugs
7. Travel Buffs
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10. Home decor Enthusiasts

Friday, August 12, 2016

Kroger Free Friday Trolli Candy Coupon Code Download

Today while checking my email I came across a Trolli candy coupon download from Kroger. You have to take advantage of it by 11:59 PM today so hurry.

Get yourself a bag of free candy.

A further move to monetize this blog and what is called Sponsored posts

Hey guys!

Sponsored posts

A way long back, I mentioned I wanted to make money from my blogging efforts and that has been difficult but somewhat eventful. Around early 2016, I think, I made around $14 from Amazon Associates. Thanks for that, especially as I am already on my way to making more from what I have seen. And while I signed up with several affiliate networks other than Amazon those haven't been nearly as successful and with Google Adsense only making me $11.99 out of a $100 payout and not even with a Payment option I like those haven't been worthwhile. 

But after a while I decided I would open up my blog for sponsored posts. This announcement was directly made on the about the bloggers page and contact page. However only those who read that page would have seen it but I wanted to make the full announcement now on the front page of the blog. Basically if you want to write an article with a link in it and want it to be posted on my blog I can do that on your behalf. You'll be the author and it will be labeled a sponsored post but since this is going on my blog space I will charge a fee of either a $5 Amazon e-gift card or $5 Paypal transfer.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Good or Bad and a Pool by Porches CD Giveaway

It's been a while but I have very good reasons for the delay. Been very busy coming to some decisions, now reading a lot of Science books and studying. 

All of which are making time go by faster than usual for me. Even though time is relative.

But the good news or bad news depending on how you take it is my Pool CD by Porches suffered a liquid spill and I am thinking of getting a new copy because this is a release I love. But since I believe in eco-friendly I want someone else to use this copy if possible rather than me having to throw it away. How wasteful would that be?

Believe me you're not getting a terrible-looking CD I just really want it to be how it used to be in a very pristine condition.

In person, as you can see it has these tiny light brown watermark dots in some areas from the spill.

Take a look at Underwater by Porches via Youtube

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