Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Secret to Beautiful Skin: Really, it's an ongoing skin regimen

While I do agree that makeup enhances your innate beauty before all that everything begins with a skincare regimen. One that has to be followed closely. If not your face is bound to break out.

You're bound to ask. How? That is pretty simple. Rule #1 realize that all skin out there likely is one of a kind. This makes sense considering there are some people who use salicylic acid cleansers to keep acne free but I for one cannot tolerate that stuff. My face breaks out even more and has an allergic reaction due to that stuff. What works better on my skin is benzoyl peroxide and even then due to the strong chemical only in 3.5% strength. Anything more is too harsh for my skin type.

That down you should probably research what kind of skin type you have so that you are taking care of your skin in a way that your skin tolerates it. I recommend reading up on WebMD's healthy beauty skin types for what skin type you may have. They include normal skin, combination skin, dry skin, and oily skin. 

Normal skin type: No skin sensitivity. Near to no imperfections.

Combination (my skin type!): Between oily and normal. Oily areas on nose, chin, and forehead. Drier around cheeks
Dry: Your whole face tends to be dull and rough.
Oily: Shiny complexion. 

Among all these I strongly believe within those major categories there exists a potential to have sensitive skin. Like say oily and sensitive skin. 

Rule #2. What's important here is that you find the one skin type that reflects you. After that I recommend you ignore what you might have heard before today. You don't need to subject your skin to tons of stuff that will dry it out terribly. The only big things are cleansing and moisturizing your face with a specialized facial moisturizer. 

These two things done twice a day, preferably in the morning cleansing your face with a cleanser that may or may not be acne fighting but if so only this once then moisturize and at night cleanse your face again with a non-acne fighting cleanser along with some good moisturizing. In any of these two cases, it is recommended you go with a foaming cleanser since for those with acne prone or sensitive skin these work less abrasively on your skin.

Rule #3. Picking the right moisturizer is essential to beautiful face skin. Therefore this is where it gets tricky. After using a Neutrogena benzoyl peroxide cleanser finding a good non-oily facial moisturizer is hard but the only one that seems to not aggravate my combination skin is the Bliss facial moisturizer ($27.00). That stuff feels soothing and really hydrates my skin. The only thing is that for some that might be expensive. 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Manga Reads: Review of Stones of Power by Azumi Isora

Cafe Renard seems to be your run-of-the-mill establishment, but it is more than meets the eye. When strangers stumble upon the hidden secret within an average business front, they find a mysterious woman selling stones with magical properties. Before they know it they are transported on strange adventures of science fiction and fantasy.
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Recommended: Yes. A lot. 

                    About Stones of Power
Recommended Ages: 14 and Up
Paperback: 159 pgs.
Published: December 23rd 2014 by GEN Manga
 For This Review:  *Self-Provided Paperback Copy for Review*

My Music Playlist while reading Stones of Power

SORA by Pierre Nakano from Ling Tosite Sigure 
T.A.M.A NETWORK by Pierre Nakano from Ling Tosite Sigure

Given the negative press Stones of Power was getting I was a little cautious about beginning the manga but like anyone who knows me I always like to find out things on my own. Surprisingly this manga is not bad at all. It is great in fact!

What I like best about Stones of Power was it began in a medium pace introducing us to the main character named Fujita who has an interest in Aronawa fish which are considered a rare type of fish in Japan. Slowly but surely Fujita meets a beautiful but mysterious woman named Youko who has ties to the world of Gods and spirits. Proving that the Aronawa Fujita has recently come into possession are more than just your average fish. And that's when things get very interesting for us as a reader.

And while the story is well-balanced and actually funny especially with concern to character dialogue, I believe another great factor about this manga is the artwork. That's right! Stones of Power does boost a minimalist art style but it is in these moments you realize how graceful some of the character designs are.
Overall: Amazing read! 
Genre: Fantasy

About the publisher, GEN Manga

GEN Manga is Indie Manga from the Tokyo Underground. GEN Manga was made to give fans an exclusive look at real doujinshi, otherwise known as indie manga, that they had heard about, but until now, unable to get their hands on. In its essence, doujinshi is manga traded among other manga artists. Manga for manga lovers!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Remainder of 2015 Blogging Plans

Beauty reviews

As I'm getting older I have begun to gain an interest in cosmetics. I used to have an interest in makeup when I was younger but now even more so. And to reflect that I'm going to be doing several beauty reviews on brands I personally endorse and think highly of. Yet, this will be minimal, since I still plan to keep this blog mostly about books. While some things are changing, others aren't.

Anime Movie Reviews
An anime movie review should pop up in December.

Documentary Film 
Along with the anime movie review there should be a documentary film review of a documentary I recently watched and enjoyed. We'll see. I might possibly get behind and in that case, this particular plan, might have to get postponed.

Book Reviews
So far, I'm hoping to complete an indie manga I have begun called Stones of Power. It's coming along and I really want to review it of course, but time will tell. 

Happy Thanksgiving Day & Amazon's Black Friday Deals on Fire tablets

Have a nice Thanksgiving Day and don't forget Amazon's Black Friday Deals on Fire tablets. Amazon Fire 7 is now $34.99. So while on my review you can still see the tablet going for $49.99 that isn't the case starting today, Thanksgiving Day. This goes until November 29, 2015. And to make things even better, Amazon, has also lowered the price for the Amazon Fire HD 6. So take advantage of those Black Friday deals before they're gone.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Let's Talk About the New Amazon Fire 7 (2015)

A few years ago or to be more specific in 2012 I had bought the newly then released Kindle Fire HD only to hold it and cherish it for a short while. During that small amount of time of ownership I was pretty well acquainted with what had to offer as an electronics company. You might be aware of as an e-commerce site but they have the potential for more. 

This proved a reality back then in 2012. Back then the Ipad was just making an appearance particularly even for us students in a regular class setting but like all Apple products, it carried an expensive price along with it. For those wanting to buy they would have to seriously spend a lot. And while I was totally on board with the idea of tablets especially being a voracious reader of books, I wasn't so sure the hefty price was worth it. Thankfully was another tablet supplier with one of the biggest draws: bringing tablets to the public at an inexpensive price. Even better, they were fully functional and were wired to access content much easier than any other Android tablet. Which was good since by 2012 I had already been an customer for years. Go!

Sadly my enjoyment of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet came to an end in early 2013. My Kindle Fire HD got stolen of course in one of my classes where I left it. I never did find the perpetrator but all I can safely say is that, at least, the thief had good taste. The Kindle Fire by Amazon was a great electronic for sure. Even if I was out of a tablet. 

Flash forward to the present. has now for years managed to make their tablet prices much lower. The latest being the Amazon Fire 7. At $49.99 (plus tax) this is perhaps the lowest yet. And the tablet works, people. And, yes, I do recommend it just like the Kindle Fire HD, not because this is the lowest price ever, but rather because before all these other Android tablets came onto the market which some argue are cheaper too,, seriously challenged the pricing for how much a tablet should go for against Apple while still being a large well-known company. As a huge company with a trustworthy nature they could have easily charged would-be customers tons more like Apple but they didn't. They chose a different route. 

Which is seriously endearing. They are actually building something as an e-commerce website, online bookstore, and are also being rightly ambitious in becoming a tech company. Cute. 

The Amazon Fire 7 (2015)


The Fire 7 is not a bad looking tablet. It's also pretty slim adding to its attractiveness.


For those like me well into the ecosystem, this is a dream come true. Through Appstore already installed you can continue to add more Apps onto your tablet. 

Screen Resolution

Not bad. Reading is doable. Though I do feel the Kindle Fire HD had better screen resolution for reading. Then again my old & stolen tablet was HD. 

{Blog Updates} Dads T.V. Casual Talk Addition & Buy Options Added

Though the Dads TV series got cancelled it was thankfully released for home video thanks to Olive Films DVD. You can now buy it through ($19.99) or Best Buy's ($24.99) online store. 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Review of The Zillionaire Vampire Cowboy's Secret Werewolf Babies by Nine Naughty Novelists

Theirs was a love that nature never intended. Bigger than Texas. Hotter than Hades. Weirder than...a lot of other things you might have read about up until now.

Self-made zillionaire Rock Fangsworthy is your typical Texas cowboy. Well, sort of. Typical in that the only thing this lethally sexy lady-charmer with the hair trigger temper loves more than his horse is his ranch, The Double Fang. Or maybe his boots. Less typical in the fact he's also a four hundred year old vampire with a shocking secret: he can't stand the sight of blood.

Buffi Van Pelt is just your average girl-next-door winery owner--or is she? The spunky single mom to twin boys also happens to be a winsome werewolf with secrets and troubles of her own. The winery that the gutsy good-girl recently inherited from her grandmother is on the verge of ruin.

If Buffi can't find a use for the mysteriously tainted wine before time and her pantry's limited supply of red meat runs out, she and her pups will be left homeless, destitute and very, very hungry. Worse yet, her baby-daddy is the same hunky, bad-boy vampire rancher who's out to steal The Best Little Winery in Bloodsuck from under her paws.

Once upon a time their passion flamed hotter'n a summer's night in Dallas with three Cheerleaders and a side of habanero sauce. Tonight, love's lightning might just strike them twice--but only if the wine don't kill them first.
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Recommended: Yes.

                                About The Zillionaire Vampire Cowboy's Secret Werewolf Babies
Recommended Ages: 17 and Up
Kindle Edition: 99 pgs.
Published: May 27th 2011 by Nine Naughty Novelists
 For This Review:  *Self-Provided Kindle E-book copy for Review*

My Music Playlist while reading The Zillionaire Vampire Cowboy's Secret Werewolf Babies

Lost and Confused by Kylesa | Available on $1.29
Ave Maria by Franz Schubert (in a German language rendition) | Available on $1.29

Musician Biography
Kylesa is what would be described as a Metal band but from what I hear from them they have an interplay of a variety of genres.

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