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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Moving to Mexico

I am sure by now most people have heard of the U.S. election. And due to the results I have gotten the courage to leave Georgia. It's a big decision but why not? I don't like racism or racists or entitled men who wish to be presidents out nowhere and people who vote for those like that. While it was nice that some voted Hillary Clinton it doesn't change the fact that the majority didn't. It disgusts me and a part of me cannot forgive it. I guess I believed in the good of all Americans and that is why it hit me the hardest knowing that I was wrong about the U.S.A. 

Thanks states like Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota, Illinois, New York, Vermont, and Maine. I just wish more states and Americans had not voted for someone preposterous who happened to win. 

This means change for this blog. Considerable enough I wasn't sure how to address further blog posts. Since I am moving I'll be trying to whip up one last book review. That review I needed to get up for Sunborn Rising but after that who knows. This blog will still get maintenance in updates on the about the blog page and I will still occasionally use Twitter because of my loyalty to it but now mostly incognito. On Twitter I won't be offering any personal notes about myself any more and on here I likely won't be volunteering any new content. It will all be mere maintenance. 

Monday, October 31, 2016

A Movie Review: The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Should you attempt to look far and wide you will hardly find any animated movie as dark and deep as a Tim Burton one. The Nightmare Before Christmas is certainly noteworthy. 

While most people equate dark with bad. Sometimes dark can be quite beautiful and genuine. In The Nightmare Before Christmas we definitely have a fleshed out story and universe where whole livelihoods exist on a few main holidays and such inhabitants take to borrowing their everyday appearance to those holidays. It helps that for the most part given the closed-off corners they live in they are the stereotypical characters of their holiday. An interesting approach to say the least.

In all this, we have Jack Skellington who by now has become bored with his existence and his place in Halloween town. He decides to do something new but this backfires badly. In comes Sally, an individual, that has kept an eye on him for quite some time. She understands this emptiness that has been growing inside him and continually tries to help him.

While the strory is phenomenal, another thing is the animation and music. Yes. For most accounts, while I first saw this I hadn't noticed it was some type of spooky musical it became noticeable with a scene called Jack's Lament by Danny Elfman. It's terribly enchanting and it is in that moment I noticed, hey, this is an an animated musical movie to an extent.

It's pretty ingenious and an excellent Halloween movie topped by an excellent voice acting cast. Definitely check it out!

Buy your own copy on Amazon!

Happy Halloween 2016!

Whether you are trick or treating, having a Halloween bash, or simply watching a movie alone. Make it special and enjoy yourselves. 

Rio Street Stargazer Book Giveaway Winner!

And the winner is...

Lily M. 
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Friday, October 28, 2016

Sentai Filmworks 2016 Sentai Halloween Cosplay Contest

If you were wondering what to do this Halloween then check out Sentai Filmworks and their Cosplay contest and don't forget to check out Halloween giveaway hops going on all over the Internet this season. 

To enter the Sentai Cosplay Halloween Contest, go here:

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Of Flame and Light Teaser and Giveaway

Taran Wird holds the unique ability to conjure fire and lightening. She is mated to Gemini, Second in Command to the Squaw Valley Pack of the Lake Tahoe Region, and the sole werewolf to possess the ability to split into two wolves. And although they are mates, Taran's insecurities have driven them apart. 

Devastated by an injury that left her with a zombie-like limb, Taran struggles to regain command over her magic. But when her arm and her power turn against her, lashing out on those she most loves, she knows she can no longer carry this burden alone. Not that she likes the alternative.

The only way to regain control of her magic is to align and learn from the local coven of witches―the very ones who sought to banish her when she and her three unique sisters first moved to the mystical region. But although Taran is trying, the teachings don't come easy, and the tasks leave her weak and emotionally shattered.

Yet Taran must learn and learn fast. Time is running out. The fire she once mastered so easily has become her greatest adversary and is now slowly burning her alive . . .

About Of Flame and Light

Available at:  Amazon as ebook
Recommended Ages: 18 and up
kindle edition has 350 pages
Published: October 18th 2016 

So, I wrote a review for Of Flame and Light a few weeks ago here. I hope that I managed to convinced a few readers to give it a read! If not, these excepts should wet your appetite. If that's not enough, the rafflecopter competition includes lots of cool swag, including 'the Ultimate Weird Girls Prize Pack, including a Coach® purse stuffed with an autographed copy of Sealed with a Curse, an audiobook of A CURSED EMBRACE, t-shirts, a water bottle, magnets, signed postcards, pins, and bookmarks.' 

So, without further ado, enjoy!


Son of a bitch.
I groan as I roll onto my back. I’d like to say this is the first time I’ve been knocked unconscious. I’d also like to say my boobs are the same size, but hey, such is my life.
Dirt. All I sense is that and dank heaviness that accompanies a . . . cave? Through the fog taking up residency along my brain, I make out a dim glow. It takes me a moment to realize it’s coming from my light-saber arm. I push up on my hands, grimacing when my fingers sink into the soil. Yet it’s what I see when I glance up that has me scrambling to my feet.
A lonely hand scuttles by me, chasing after a rat. Oh, but it gets better. I press my back against a dirt wall as a foot hops by, chasing after the hand, that’s chasing after the rat, with a decapitated head rolling —I shit you not—merrily behind them.
It’s like some kind of fucked up nursery rhyme. I don’t want to know the next verse, especially not with the collection of zombies gathering from all sides. These are different from the ones who pulled us onto shore. Their grisly faces are more emaciated and their bodies are in a more advance stage of decomposing. As they shuffle toward me, pieces of their skin fall in small moist clumps.
I hold out my hand. “Stay back.”
They collectively moan.
And move closer.
I grit my teeth, summoning that spark from deep in my core. The dank air seems to enclose around me, giving me a chill and snuffing out my inner heat.
Shit, shit, shit.
On wobbly legs, I slide my back against the dirt wall, my hands out. The zombies gather closer, cocking their heads, their empty sockets mesmerized by the glow of my arm. At first, I think they’re simply curious. But then their short thick tongues push forward, appearing to lick what’s left of their lips.
I jump when another hand scrambles by, its pinky brushing against my foot. My back presses against the dirt wall as I slide against it. I’m not sure where to go. I only know I can’t stay here.
I bang my fists against the wall, trying to stimulate my fire. My left hand doesn’t react, tensing uselessly. But that spark I so need triggers from my right arm, igniting flames along the path of my blue veins only to putter out.
Come on, light.


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Movie Review: Legends of the Fall (1994)

IMDb overview: Epic tale of three brothers and their father living in the remote wilderness of 1900s USA and how their lives are affected by nature, history, war, love, and betrayal. 

This is a story about a father who lives with his three sons in an isolated ranch. As his sons grow they all present entirely different personalities.

Of them all, Tristan, is the most impassioned and wild. While Tristan loves all his brothers, Samuel, is the one he is most protective of and due to that even when Samuel's fiancée gets taken with him and him with her, he is willing to put distance between him and her.

Unfortunately, war does make an appearance in father and sons' lives and changes it. Tristan becomes more withdrawn after this event and things do get out of hand until they eventually reunite after more heartbreaking things happen. Of course, before this all ends, we get a voice-over of how Tristan died, in a great fierce struggle just before he died and with an assurance that "it was a good death". Which was quite frankly hilarious.

I don't know, Legends of the Fall, is one of those movies that is more like a scenic movie. Every little thing like the mountain landscape getting highlighted in what you suspect is a truly cold morning makes it what it is. At once realistic but cinematographic. An added benefit being this movie is based on a lot of drama and the acting too is excellent from Brad Pitt to an actress like Julia Ormond.

Directed by: Edward Zwick

Buy Legends of the Fall

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Light Novel Review: My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. Vol. 1 by Wataru Watari

Seeing as it has been a while since the premiere of the SNAFU anime series it only made sense we should see the light novels stateside eventually. And we have, even if with a bit of a lag. 

Thankfully Yen On an imprint of Yen Press did right by fans and went with the light novels original series title, My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected. And along with that seeing as I tend to be a grammar freak, I really am pleased with the quality of the writing of the novel translations. There were but a few grammatical errors from what I could tell. As for accuracy to the original, I am unsure, since I haven't seen the Japanese light novels but as far as grammatical accuracy it was pretty good. Not perfect but attempts at maintaining quality were present.

Other than that, I must say for someone who has seen the content in action through the anime. There isn't much new to gain through the light novels except a few snippets here or there of Hachiman being even more lustful than in the anime and him revealing more of his joking side that may not have been portrayed as in-depth in the anime. But again not much of a difference since some of that we knew already to an extent. 

The true joy of having the light novels is in the possession of them and seeing the light novel illustrations on hand, besides which we get a nice author to fan closing thank you letter that if anything makes it the most worthwhile.

So if you know this is a series you like about the youngster in high school who tries to navigate, social circles, in school while retaining anonymity, then you should be pleased with it. 

Overall: Amazing read!
Genre: Light Novel-Slice of Life

Buy your own copy!

About Wataru Watari

Wataru Watari is the author of My Teen Romantic Comedy is Wrong as I Expected. The illustrator to his work is Ponkan8. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Book Giveaway of Rio Street Stargazer by Craig S. Wilson

Rio Street Kid Stargazer by Craig S. Wilson is volume one of what promises to be some rollicking good reading in the Rio Crime Thriller Series. Lucas Rocha and his sisters are left to fend for themselves after their beloved mother's death. Living in the slums of Rio de Janeiro makes this a hard fate. The streets are ruled by drug lords and riddled with corrupt police and gangs. There seems to be no easy way out of becoming another crime statistic.

Win a paperback copy of Rio Street Kid Stargazer. 1 winner. US only. 48 hours to respond once winner has been contacted via email.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, October 17, 2016

Relationships Advice: Why Men Like innocent virgins

A lot of women and girls think about this and are completely mystified in what the appeal could be. The truth is men and guys like virgins because this type of novelty comes off as indecent and inappropriate. Thereby turning them on. 

A good way to think of it is they know to a girl or woman who has never had any experience in sexual matters that this will be like partaking in something that is usually kept under wraps away from the public eye. Something otherly about it and it gives them pride in knowing they are the ones that will introduce the "virgin" into a life that is seen as off-limits. The only thing is sex is not all that indecent or mysterious. But it still proves thrilling to them knowing there is this illusion in place.

Further accentuating the thrill of sex with a virgin is how for a long while in myth, the idea, of a virgin is associated with the "Virgin Mary" thus giving the idea of an innocent virgin being special somehow.

Now the only drawbacks to this is, first, that virgins don't usually know their way around in performing because of lack of experience thus making sex less pleasurable and outright awkward for the guy or man. Second, guys or men don't usually find the first time all that pleasurable when they can't see the girl or woman finding pleasure in it too since the first time for a majority of women is painful. Not all but most.

So there you have it. Why men like innocent virgins. Oh, and almost forgot if a guy is the insecure type a reason he will want a virgin is because he doesn't like that a woman has gotten used to a certain thing sexually which he cannot provide. He doesn't want to get compared. 

Of Flame and Light Book Tour: Review and Teasers

 The Online Book Tour for Of Flame and Light is brought to you by Tasty Book Tours and can be followed here:


Taran Wird holds the unique ability to conjure fire and lightening. She is mated to Gemini, Second in Command to the Squaw Valley Pack of the Lake Tahoe Region, and the sole werewolf to possess the ability to split into two wolves. And although they are mates, Taran's insecurities have driven them apart. 

Devastated by an injury that left her with a zombie-like limb, Taran struggles to regain command over her magic. But when her arm and her power turn against her, lashing out on those she most loves, she knows she can no longer carry this burden alone. Not that she likes the alternative.

The only way to regain control of her magic is to align and learn from the local coven of witches―the very ones who sought to banish her when she and her three unique sisters first moved to the mystical region. But although Taran is trying, the teachings don't come easy, and the tasks leave her weak and emotionally shattered.

Yet Taran must learn and learn fast. Time is running out. The fire she once mastered so easily has become her greatest adversary and is now slowly burning her alive . . .

About Of Flame and Light
Available at:  Amazon as ebook
Recommended Ages: 18 and up
kindle edition has 350 pages
Published: October 18th 2016 
 For This Review:  *E-book copy provided by Tasty Book Tours for Review*
   When I started reading the Weird girls series a few years back, I fell deeply in love with Cecy Robson's sharp, funny dialogue, hilarious characters and brilliant world building. The ups and downs of Celia's journey caused quite a few tears and many laughs, and, while I loved the way Robson wrapped up Celia's journey in 'A Curse Unbroken', I'll admit that I wasn't quite ready to say goodbye to all the characters I'd grown inordinately attached to. Taran, in particular, interested me. There's just something about her brashness that really lights up the page. So I was understandably thrilled when it was revealed that Taran would get to have her say in (at least one) feature length book. 

   It's fair to say I had ridiculously high expectations when I started 'of Flame and Light', and, luckily, Taran didn't disappoint. If anything, my already sky high expectations were blown away by the reality of the novel. One caveat; I think that this novel could be read as a stand alone, but it will be much, much better if read as part of the overall series.
    Of Flame and Light picks up very close to where 'A Curse Unbroken' left off, so readers won't be jarred by entering the world they've come to love years after the main events of the last book occurred. Taran's powers are acting up, her relationship is going through a rough patch, and the very attractive and very superior head witch (Genieve) seems to have eyes for her man. Of course, that's just the first few couple of chapters. As always, Robson delivers a roller coaster full of twists, turns and shenanigans you don't see coming.
   Taran manages to maintain her trademark wit, even in her darkest moments. And while the overall tone of Of Flame and Light is similar to the earlier books in the series, Taran has her own voice and imparts her own imprint on readers that is distinct from Celia. 

    Of course, we get to catch up with all the Wird Girl favourites, including Bren, Emme and Shayna. I was particularly intrigued by the hints that were dropped regarding Emme, and am really looking forward to seeing what her future holds. The introduction of a few new characters, and the deeper exploration of characters - like Genieve - who were more on the periphery of Celia's story really added to the novel. As always, any passage with Mrs. Mancuso left me howling with laughter - she is simply the best, worst neighbour I have ever read.
   Taran was a relatable, brilliant and wonderfully fleshed out character. Her sass and her confidence are awe inspiring, and you just cannot help rooting for her. Even when you may not agree with her decisions, you can understand where she is coming from. I found this particularly true of her relationship with Gemini. While I did not agree with much of her thought process, and found her actions at times ignorant or frustrating, she was not unrealistic or even annoying in her beliefs, as you understand her insecurities and interpretation of events, even as you want to scream at her that she has obviously got it wrong. 

  I really cannot stress enough how much I loved this book. It has everything; love, lust, heartbreak, betrayal, sisters, witches, werewolves, and zombies. Yes, there are zombies. Really, fans of this author should just read Of Flame and Light to see how she handles the zombies.
 Overall: Recommended!
Genre: paranormal 

About the Author

Cecy Robson is an award-winning author of magical realms, to-die-for Alpha heroes, and young adult adventure. A double RITA® 2016 finalist for Once Pure and Once Kissed, and published author of more than fifteen titles, you can typically find her on her laptop or stumbling blindly in search of caffeine. 
  Author Links:  Website Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Relationships Advice: On the truth love doesn't exist but something like ultimate attraction does


In the past, I was pretty well-known for reading Romance and Erotica books because to be honest like a lot of things love always made me curious. How it seems to be everyone's noticeable obsession.

I have made a few reveals. This finally in my 21 year old life probably because I have had several experiences. Some good and some not so great.

The thing is and I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but society, authors, and our education system lies to us about it. They glamorize it in a way that makes it seem that if you have it then you won't have any relationship problems and that is wrong. I believe in the truth. In knowing that romance is really, really based on sex. The bad news is if you don't like sex or are embarrassed about it then you won't easily have a happy relationship or marriage. Thank goodness, I love sex and anything remotely sexually arousing but I realize most people find it embarrassing despite it being something completely natural. 

Another thing. Romance, love whatever you wish to call it is an attraction. A pull that seems to illogically pull you to a person and make you think about them. That first stage is where most people seem to be most happy at until they get to know somebody and realize the person's character is not who they truly like or would want in an individual who is to be by their side.

But! It should be realized that it's okay. One needs to realize that if you were drawn to them in the first place it was for a reason. Sure it might be chemical and biologically oriented but once you choose to seriously engage with someone you can choose to try to better understand someone and you'll realize if you ask and openly talk honestly with that person you are drawn to that even their character flaws have reasons and because of this you might see they aren't really flaws. We are all complex, after all. Although some more than others.

And so it becomes clear that some out there say that after 4 years a guy gets bored with his lady. Well, that's stupidity. Simply because I'll tell you this. Think about it. With our families we do catch ourselves feeling at times like we don't know them completely. Why not a lover?

We try to make ourselves believe that we can know a person completely through a routine of living side by side with them, day by day but even then why is it we can't express everything we think or why we do the things we do. 

It's because the human brain and so us are so complicated we could never be predicted. 

And yes predicting another person is knowing them.

In other words, just because you think you know someone doesn't mean you do. I would argue that this is why there is cheating. And only after someone cheats does the other person discover that, the other person was actually unhappy. Lack of communication. You have to even if it embarrasses you or you think your lover will think you are insane at certain things you talk about. 

Another thing where a relationship falls apart. The thought or sentiment out there that if you are too similar then you will likely get bored with each other. This is wrong too. 

I argue that for any relationship to work you need people with your similar mindset because if you have different values then you will clash whether in how you see sex (religious people I have noticed tend to view sex as sinful even though it can't be because it feels really good and produces innocent creatures like babies) or how you approach money and or how important physical looks are to you.

If you differ in the values you hold most important then your relationship will fail. It is here you need to be honest and show off how you really approach things that way you let the other person know how you really tend to act and really think. Don't pretend to be something you are not so that you can simply keep their interest because this is detrimental in the long-run. You need to show them your flaws so that they aren't surprised later on.

Still another benefit of choosing lovers who are similar to you is though you may be on the same page even here they can never be the same and thus boring because there is only one you and one them. Not only that but trust me, even similar people eventually disagree on something eventually and that should provide a good challenge to the relationship. So again opposites attract is a complete myth. A deadly one.

But really the biggest hit to an ultimate attraction set in motion is the fact that a lot of people cheat. It seems but that is totally wrong. Think about it. A lot of people even say they didn't do it because they wanted to but because it sort of just happened.

Translation. There was likely something up with the relationship. It's inescapable. People are unhappy and do things only for a reason. But what they need to realize is what they are missing is just this. There would always be a void in a relationship something missing.

And if you think. No that's not possible. It was different at the start. No. That was our bodies igniting us to force us to connect so we can get to what it wants, us to have sex, procreate. That was fantasy not reality. But we can choose to afterwards manipulate it to our means so that we can obtain a meaningful companionship.

The only exception to something that makes the relationship miserable is if it is about sex (perhaps you needing more) or lack of an emotional connection. If so, okay. Tell your lover it is no longer working out so that you guys can go your separate ways and keep looking. You shouldn't feel embarrassed about having to make it about sex since your not cheapening what "love" or what I call the ultimate attraction is. In the first place, something unexplainable drew you to them. Which was entirely originated from our drive to have sex with them. So if you don't think sex is important in a romantic relationship you aren't really seeing things as they are. That aside, an emotional connection too is important, both of these things, are needed. Although if you are lucky some people aren't as needy in the emotional department. Meaning they will like more alone time than you would expect.

Finally, let's talk about how to avoid you cheating. Simple. First realize that some people will not, I repeat, will not stay in a relationship where someone has cheated because they have self-worth and when you have dignity you don't let the person you thought cared and wanted you walk all over you. Now, if you are a person thinking about or feeling tempted, judge whether that pull as in that lust you are getting with someone else is worth more in comparison to your current lover. I would choose the strongest pull. If you notice the pull overwhelms you more with someone that is not your lover then, let your current lover know. Sometimes just breaking off the relationship then can leave you guys both room to see what more is out there and will more importantly leave things off amicably and preserved as a nice memory. Rather one filled with hurt and betrayal. You see you trying to spare them pain by being kind causes more pain. Be truthful outright.

It's important this get understood. Since the pull is real, people. I'll explain, in my life I have only ever had the ultimate attraction 6 times. Or what others would call been in love. First: when I was 4. I know young. Second: In Elementary school. Third: In Elementary school. Fourth: In middle school. Sixth: In middle school. Fifth: In high school. Sixth: In high school.

As you might have guessed. What society thinks is wrong. You can "fall in love" at a young age especially if you are mature for your age.

Of course, I always broke it off because unlike others who get a thrill from the rollercoaster feelings, I simply feel like it is a loss of control. Like an insanity and one of my character traits, unfortunately, is wanting control or to dominate. I know weird for a woman. While it was pleasant it was exhausting. But let me tell you something. Even when I really cared and wanted the 5 guys and 1 girl I always held what I call small attractions for other guys and girls. Sometimes I would flirt involuntarily or give lustful glances that of course got picked up by others. Yet as soon as it happened I would get this feeling like I was disgusted with my own behavior and would pull back. As you can tell it confused tons of guys. And it always embarrassed me because it made me question what kind of person I was. A person with no self-control. The thing is looking back on it, it was all due to a purely physical attraction aspect. Nothing more and I am not superficial. Since I tend to potentially be just as easily attracted to a person's personality as looks. It depends. If their personality and character is winning and there is a spark there I will go for it, appearances be damned.

But that isn't the issue, the problem is unlike what others want, to know less of their lover, so as to keep it fresh, I actually want the opposite. I want to know someone completely and them me. If not, I know I could never really be happy and thus I could never make someone else happy. It's funny how I want the unattainable and something that is counter to what others want.

Anyway back to, how to, avoid cheating second, if you are happy enough with the intellectual and emotional aspects of your current lover why not, well, not cheat? You can always stay and as a suppement utilize self-pleasuring. Eventually we'll get old and we won't be as sexual as we used to be so one can say sometimes companionship might be an option to consider.

Finally, I have to make this as direct as possible for dads or moms that cheat in marriages, know, that it isn't just a spouse that gets hurt. Your children will, without, a doubt get hurt by your betrayal. No. Unlike what some movies like Colorful (an anime movie I reviewed in the past on the blog) say, no, there truly cannot be forgiveness. You see one has grown to biologically trust a parent and when that trust is destroyed there is no going back. One always feels an overwhelming hatred toward both the parent that cheated and the other man or woman who cheated with mom or dad. Why? Because think about it. It invalidates the family unit. Rendering it useless and when this happens one truly doesn't feel connected to the parent that cheated. All owing to the fact that children like mom or dad are territorial. And it's normal if we weren't, men, wouldn't want to get women pregnant and have babies in the first place. And yes, they are the ones who want babies. More than the woman! Why ? Because they like the idea of having a part of themselves accepted and inside a woman.

That's why when it comes to cheating. Don't delude yourself. Excuses are mere excuses. You are lowest of the low if you do, do it, even if society doesn't find out. And quite frankly unworthy and inconsiderate.

As you may have guessed all this ultimate attraction or what "love" is, is very tricky. Do I think monogamy is unnatural or impossible. No. It isn't. And the best way to achieve it, is by always taking stock of the pull of attraction and making comparisons but also reminding yourself of that first moment of when you first felt the ultimate attraction and all those moments built between the two of you that were wonderful and if you are willing to face the consequences of how your lover will feel in knowing he/she has been cheated on. And I'd be careful. More and more people especially women are deciding to leave unfaithful guys because let's face it, this is about their importance as people and there will always be more guys out there.

All in all monogamy is very hard to keep together and quite frankly it is only those who know what the ultimate attraction or what "love" really is, who will be able to achieve it. And if they can be ok with a lover that exists in fragments.

"A lover exists only in fragments, a dozen or so if the romance is new, a thousand if we're married to him, and out of those fragments our heart constructs an entire person. What we each create, since whatever is missing is filled by our imagination, is the person we wish him to be. The less we know him, of course, the more we love him. And that's why we always remember that first rapturous night when he was a stranger, and why this rapture returns only when he's dead"

- Andrew Sean Greer

I, for one cannot be satisfied with that. In my view, the satisfaction and in turn happiness is in the consummation. What we need is the reality not the fantasy.

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