Friday, February 23, 2024

McDonald's Anime Collab as WcDonald's


McDonald's was recently in the news for their anime collab for The Devil is a Part-Timer! anime series but now they have a second collab with anime. They have teamed up with Studio Pierrot (Tokyo Ghoul) and Japanese illustrator Acky Bright!

YSL Libre eau de parfum Deal Alert at!


Hi, guys! Been a while since my last update on the blog. I have been busy lately and especially with the times.

I have to prioritize what is most important first but given exactly the times I figured this is a deal that might interest some of you. is having an unbelievable sell right now on YSL Libre eau de parfum. I would get it myself but I bought it on sale already before it went out of stock not too long ago. Not only that but during Fall 2023 I bought a YSL Libre gift set from Macy's which I absolutely adore. This is a favorite perfume of mine. Number 1, really.

Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year 2024!

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Review of Yureru (ゆれる) by TK from Ling tosite sigure

Ling tosite sigure's TK, Yureru, autobiography in essay format. Ling tosite sigure popular Rock band. Unraveling the mind of a solitary genius musician. Ling tosite sigure a band where diverse images coexist.

Original and delicate. Still and dynamic. Crazy but artistic. The philosophy of imperfection spelled out by frontman TK. The creator of the music. Yureru unravels the mystery of TK, a person shrouded in mystery from his family and upbringing to his band formation and solo career. Why are people so captivated by the music he creates? The answer lies in this book. This book is a must-read not only for fans but also for people involved in planning and creativity.

Recommended: Of course!            

About Yureru
Available as: Paperback $13.21 from Amazon JP, E-book $11.82 from Amazon JP's Kindle edition
Recommended Ages: 12 and Up
Paperback: 224 pgs.
Published: Kadokawa
For This Review: * Self-Provided Copy in print and Amazon JP Kindle e-book *

When TK announced his book Yureru I was not sure what to think. I was completely taken by surprise. Ordinarily I do not like surprises but I like TK surprises.  

Once I began reading I could not stop reading. Partly from the sensation of fuzziness I got while reading no different than when I consume TK's music. Getting to see such vulnerable aspects of Toru penguin and how funny TK can be was a delight.

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