Sunday, November 22, 2015

Let's Talk About the New Amazon Fire 7 (2015)

A few years ago or to be more specific in 2012 I had bought the newly then released Kindle Fire HD only to hold it and cherish it for a short while. During that small amount of time of ownership I was pretty well acquainted with what had to offer as an electronics company. You might be aware of as an e-commerce site but they have the potential for more. 

This proved a reality back then in 2012. Back then the Ipad was just making an appearance particularly even for us students in a regular class setting but like all Apple products, it carried an expensive price along with it. For those wanting to buy they would have to seriously spend a lot. And while I was totally on board with the idea of tablets especially being a voracious reader of books, I wasn't so sure the hefty price was worth it. Thankfully was another tablet supplier with one of the biggest draws: bringing tablets to the public at an inexpensive price. Even better, they were fully functional and were wired to access content much easier than any other Android tablet. Which was good since by 2012 I had already been an customer for years. Go!

Sadly my enjoyment of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet came to an end in early 2013. My Kindle Fire HD got stolen of course in one of my classes where I left it. I never did find the perpetrator but all I can safely say is that, at least, the thief had good taste. The Kindle Fire by Amazon was a great electronic for sure. Even if I was out of a tablet. 

Flash forward to the present. has now for years managed to make their tablet prices much lower. The latest being the Amazon Fire 7. At $49.99 (plus tax) this is perhaps the lowest yet. And the tablet works, people. And, yes, I do recommend it just like the Kindle Fire HD, not because this is the lowest price ever, but rather because before all these other Android tablets came onto the market which some argue are cheaper too,, seriously challenged the pricing for how much a tablet should go for against Apple while still being a large well-known company. As a huge company with a trustworthy nature they could have easily charged would-be customers tons more like Apple but they didn't. They chose a different route. 

Which is seriously endearing. They are actually building something as an e-commerce website, online bookstore, and are also being rightly ambitious in becoming a tech company. Cute. 

The Amazon Fire 7 (2015)


The Fire 7 is not a bad looking tablet. It's also pretty slim adding to its attractiveness.


For those like me well into the ecosystem, this is a dream come true. Through Appstore already installed you can continue to add more Apps onto your tablet. 

Screen Resolution

Not bad. Reading is doable. Though I do feel the Kindle Fire HD had better screen resolution for reading. Then again my old & stolen tablet was HD. 

Music & Videos

Very good. Music from Amazon Music even works while you check your email. Videos work fine as well. If you have videos on your computer those can easily be transferred to your Fire 7. 


Terrible! The only thing that needs work. Photos come out grainy but then again I have a Sony cybershot camera for photo taking. 

Tablet Interface

I preferred the old interface seen in the Kindle Fire HD. You know the carousel. That to me screamed Amazon. I like Amazon's mark. 

Most Important factor: Reading Books

Kindle Books! Great. No issues here. 


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