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Giveaway: Seventh Star Press Innovative new eBook Short Story series Prize Package

Have you ever read Thrall by Steven L. Shrewsbury?

If you have then continue the adventure with some e-book exclusives in the Thrall world. If your not acquainted with Thrall at all then learn about it instead through these short stories. You wont regret it! Especially if you love exciting fantasy reads.
Learn About Thrall: Review of Thrall by Steven L. Shrewsbury
See Also: Interview with Steven L. Shrewsbury on "Thrall"

Giveaway of Short Stories

Author and Finisher of Our Flesh
by Steven L. Shrewsbury

The first short story in the Blood and Steel: Legends of La Gaul collection from Steven L. Shrewsbury, Author and Finisher of Our Flesh takes the reader on a perilous Sword and Sorcery adventure in the ancient world alongside Gorias La Gaul. When vessels sent to a farming colony fail to return, and rumors of dark powers being involved begin to swirl, an aging general cleverly secures the help of the centuries-old legendary warrior Gorias to investigate. 

In a world where ancient gods still walk, and unnameable horrors lurk at every turn, Gorias must face challenges of many kinds; some on the inside, and others from without.
$0.99 E-book Buy:

by Steven L. Shrewsbury
A short story in the Blood and Steel: Legends of La Gaul collection, Insurmountable tells an action-packed tale of the centuries-old warrior Gorias La Gaul. Setting out to take care of one last task for his father, Gorias travels to a monastery set high in the mountains where he makes a horrific discovery.

For the reader that loves the Sword and Sorcery genre, this exciting short story series from Seventh Star Press builds upon the legacy of the heroic Gorias La Gaul, first introduced in the novel thrall
                                                       $0.99 E-book Buy:

And other great titles. All of which can be seen right here @ Seventh Star Press

                                                    PRAISE FOR THRALL
"Gorias is definitely one of the better characters in fantasy, and an amazing hero. Furthermore, this is a well-written story with great dialogues, containing a hint of philosophy I very much enjoyed, and an awesome climax."- The Ranting Dragon (review)

"Thrall just had everything that I love, it was gritty, dark, epic fantasy and written tightly. Nothing drags on, or tries to complicate things. Thrall just delivers you action, great dialog, and left me very satisfied. As Gorias often said “Deliverance will come.” And Thrall delivered for me." -Watch Play Read (review)

"The press release suggested this book was in the vein of Conan, but Thrall would kick Conan’s butt."-The Azure Dwarf's Horde of Fantasy and Sci-Fi (review)  

Giveaway Prizes
Full prize package includes six other

titles, four from Stephen Zimmer and two from Michael West including the two short stories in Blood and Steel: Legends of La Gaul collection making 8

eBooks in all.

See complete title list: Seventh Star Press Singles


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Redheart by Jackie Gamber and Add To Your Shelf

Sela by Jackie Gamber and Add To Your Shelf

If you wished to Enter To Win the short stories of Author and Finisher of Our FleshInsurmountable by Steven L. Shrewsbury and others then tell me if you added any of the titles of ThrallRedheart, and or Sela [above To Your Shelf which isn't mandatory] in the Comments.

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