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Author Live Chat with Jodine Turner author of Carry on the Flame: Destiny's Call

Its been a while since reading Carry on the Flame: Destiny's Call by Jodine Turner which thought was an interesting book. Having just finished reading Jodine's book sometime last year in October of 2011 got approached to have a chat with Jodine. Which as a blogger found surreal and exciting. Jodine and I gathered on Google's live chat for a talk on her and as well as her book. 
Come hear what she had to say if you have heard about her book or would like to titled, Carry on the Flame: Destiny's Call.
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About The Book
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 Humanity is in the midst of the greatest crisis in their evolution. Sharay is the one chosen to show the way forward and help humankind move through the fear and dark times of today's world. Born into a lineage of priestesses in modern day Glastonbury, England, Sharay's way is blocked by her jealous Aunt Phoebe, who uses black magic against her to steal her fortune and magical power. When Phoebe commits Sharay to a psychiatric ward and accuses her of murder, Sharay struggles with the temptation to fight Phoebe's vengeance with her own. Through the ancient Celtic ceremony of Beltaine, Sharay experiences profound sacred union with the Welshman Guethyn, who shows her how to open her heart. But Sharay must learn to transform her hatred for her aunt in order to claim the mystery held deep within her cells that will allow her to fulfill her destiny and prove that the ultimate magic is the power of love.

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Jodine Turner, The Author 
Jodine Turner is an award winning, Kindle best selling author of Young Adult/Adult fantasy, visionary fiction, magical realism, and paranormal romance. While living in Glastonbury, England, the ancient Isle of Avalon, Jodine began writing the Goddess of the Stars and the Sea series about priestesses who have lived in Glastonbury down through the ages to today. The novels are an adventure filled initiatory journey into the Mysteries of the Goddess and carry keys to embodying the ultimate magic - love.  

The Goddess of the Stars and the Sea series are a dark and edgy saga of a young priestess who's reborn during three different critical junctions in history in order to help humankind move through fearful and bleak times - the demise of Atlantis, the Dark Age's suppression of the feminine, and today's turbulent world. First in the series, and a standalone read, is the highly acclaimed The Awakening: Rebirth of Atlantis, followed by the award-winning The Keys to Remember, also a standalone read. The next standalone read in the series comes in two parts - Carry on the Flame: Book One Destiny’s Call is already award winning and is followed by Carry on the Flame: Book Two Ultimate Magic.  

Live Chat of October 24, 2011 at 5:31-6:10 p.m. 

5:31 PM The Book & Movie Dimension blogger: So, Jodine I'm a blogger but what can you tell us about yourself?

 Jodine: I'm an author of YA fantasy, paranormal romance, and visionary fiction. Just released a new urban fantasy novel Carry on the Flame:Destiny's Call

5:34 PM The Book & Movie Dimension blogger: What was some of the idea of creating the story? I mean it came from somwhere.
5:37 PM 
Jodine: I fell in love with Glastonbury England, called the legendary ancient Isle of Avalon, when I read "the Mists of Avalon". I moved there actually for about a year. The place is magical. I was inspired by the legends and the land itself. That's where I came up with the initial idea

5:41 PM The Book & Movie Dimension blogger: I have heard it's beautiful there. Carry on the Flame did a good job describing too. The next book in the series can we expect taking place in another of your favorite places?What inspired yourCarr

5:43 PM Jodine: The next book, Carry on the Flame: Ultimate Magic takes up where Destiny's Call left off. It takes place on a remote coastal beach in Wales, then onto the Orkney Islands in Scotland, then back to Glastonbury. I've been to all those places. They have their own beauty and mystery, too. Glastonbury is still my favorite place!

5:44 PM The Book & Movie Dimension blogger: That sounds great! What elseccan we expect without revealing too much?
5:47 PM Jodine: :) Sharay is being chased by the police for a murder she didn't commit - one that her horrible Aunt accused her of. She had escaped the psychiatric hospital where that same aunt unjustly committed her to. And she is being stalked by the demonic Tracker, the magical entity conjured by the aunt to rob her of her magical powers. When she loses her lover Guethyn's protection, she has to carry on on her own to save herself, those she loves, and also fulfill her destiny she promised to the Goddess of the Stars and the Sea.
5:49 PM The Book & Movie Dimension blogger: That sounds really amazing! Especially the Goddess of the Stars and Sea. When you write Jodine where can you be found?
5:51 PM Jodine: I hole up in my office. Usually my three cats sleeping somewhere close, and my husband poking his head in every so often with some question or another!
5:53 PM The Book & Movie Dimension blogger: Haha, sounds good. When you just want to relax from the stresses of writing would you say you would be found reading or vacationing? Or something else entirely?
5:55 PM Jodine: reading...I love it. Walking in nature, in the trees...the best for me is by the ocean. I love spending time with good friends, too.... Laughing and sharing stories! Playing with my cats. I am an animal lover. These three are rescued cats. And, being with hubby.
5:58 PM The Book & Movie Dimension blogger: What exactly do you read. Let's compare. Give me a few book titles and I'll say if I'd be caught enjoying them. Then I'll share some of interest and you can do the same. What are your favorite books?
5:59 PM Jodine: I like Dana Davis - The Tedai prophecies (fantasy trilogy) Elizabeth Cunningham "Red Robed Priestess" soon to be release, I have an ARC copy because I'll be interviewing her - an absolutely amazing author. I like the urban fantasy or Charles de Lint, too..
6:03 PM The Book & Movie Dimension blogger: Never actually heard of these but Red Robed priestess sounds really interesting. Which I could read. Have you heard of The Taker by Alma Katsu, Blood & Light by Rue Volley, and another favorite Artemis Fowl?
 Jodine: Ha, I struck out...but I'm going to write them down if you recommend them! Are they fantasy, paranormal?
6:06 PM The Book & Movie Dimension blogger: Yeah. A mix. Before I take more of your time ,Jodine, what really made you want to be an author? Really curious.
6:08 PM Jodine: I can honestly say writing chose me! I worked in the health care field first as a nurse and later as a therapist . Then writing fiction, which I've loved since being a really young girl, caught hold and I followed my heart and began to write. I'm always thinking of stories.
  And...The Goddess of the Stars and the Sea inspired me to write about Her.
6:09 PM The Book & Movie Dimension blogger: Thanks Jodine for a chat today!
6:10 PM Jodine: thank you! it was fun and great to reconnect since my Virtual Book Tour.
That's been the chat with Jodine!  Check out: Review of Carry on the Flame: Destiny's Call by Jodine Turner


Jodine Turner said...

Thanks, Cassandra. It was good chatting with you, you're an interesting and fun interviewer!

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