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Review of Verita (The Verita Series #1) by Tracy Rozzlynn

My parents died, my boyfriend cheated, and my best friend essentially dumped me. Truly alone in the world, I agree to help colonize the newly discovered planet, Verita. Now I’m on a strange new world. I have an overwhelming attraction to Brody, despite the fact that he's totally not my type. Another boy Ryan, utterly hates me for reasons out of my control. And there are creatures in the forest that would like nothing more than to eat us for dinner. My heart and mind are fighting with each other. I'm constantly fighting with Ryan. Concentrating on my job is becoming more and more difficult. Plus I can’t ignore how strange it is that all my friends are falling head-over-heal in love. But when I find myself stranded in the wilderness. The only thing that matters is survival.

Recommended: Yes, you need to check it out!

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 For a science fiction read Verita was quite an impressive novel.
Brett Bradbury has the regular American life of not going without until the day her parents die. As only child she doesn't have any immediate family and when she finds that her family for most of her life have been living well above their means she doesn't have any real way to keep up payments to her old way of living considering she's a minor. So she has to go to foster care. 
A few days into  foster care she starts to realize that life is changing. Brett still very much still wants to keep in contact with her old friend Jenna until she finds that Jenna would rather not now that Brett is in another school zone and also in foster care. To Jenna it will be easier not to have Brett around. After one last ditch effort to see Jenna and e-kindle their friendship just causes the foster care services to see her as a delinquent to be watched and not be given ahny trust. Brett really feels her life has gone in an unforseeable place with nothing good to look forward to. 
Just as Brett see her world as terrible and there is no real hope she gets approached hy John Roberts with a govrnment sponsored scientific-orientated project where a new planet named Verita has been found! Verita needs people from Earth who are young to populate it. So Brett has her suspicions that the scientists created compatible genetic partners for everyone who's in Verita. Brett senses this conspiracy theory may be what's going on especially since she has instant crazy atrraction to Brady who hardly has any connection emotionally to. Although she doesn't want to jump into any conclusions until she's sure so we should see that in the next book set to be called Concisus
Brett will no doubt want to fight to hold on to a certain relationship with a fellow scientist named Ryan Traven considering her relationship isn't fabricated like with Brady. Tracy Rozzlynn got good ideas with how Verita can possibly have agendas. She also knows how to handle characters and introducing new ones. As soon as you meet Ryan you'll know when he proceeds to scold Brett but they do become good friends later which you can see [below]:

  I jump and pull my hand back. The eyes quickly vanish back into the greenery. I turn in the direction of the deep, booming voice that startled me.
  “What do you think you’re doing? You don’t know if any of those plants out there are poisonous or even carnivorous.” The sharp edge in his voice instantaneously angers me.
  Is he seriously lecturing me? Momentarily, I worry he’s security, and that I’ve broken some unknown rule – but as he marches closer I notice he’s wearing black with purple, like me. He’s a scientist, just like I am, and I’m pissed. Who the hell is he to lecture me? I wasn’t actually touching anything, yet. I would have stopped before reaching the fence – at least that’s what I’m telling myself.
  “What do you think you’re doing?” I snap back at him defensively.
  “I’m trying to keep you from hurting yourself. You could be a little nicer and say thank you,” he snarls, but I can see by his expression that he’s startled by my tone.
  With my voice dripping in sarcasm, I say, “Sure, thank you. Thank you for butting in where you don’t belong, and thank you so much for startling my creature away. Did you ever stop to think that I was looking at something beside the plants? And, just maybe, that I was reaching out to see if I’d get a similar response from the animal that was looking at me? And that, just maybe, you’re not the only one with a shred of common sense who knows not to touch something when you don’t know what it is?”
  I cross my arms and simply glare at him. A part of me realizes that he only meant well, but I’m not in the mood to be understanding. The shock of waking up, the disappointment of the dorms, all my doubts and my losses are being taken out on this poor sap who happened along at the wrong moment. I know it’s not fair of me, but it’s not enough to quell my fury.
  “I’m sorry,” he retorts condescendingly. “The next time I think you’re about to do something foolish, I’ll wait until after you’re hurt to tell you that it’s a bad idea.” I notice he’s smirking at me now, apparently amused by my reaction.
  “And you can save the lecturing until after the fact next time, too.” I huff, turn around, and sit back down to read my handbook.
  “It’s a deal then.” He holds out his hand to shake. I look up and see a Cheshire cat smile plastered on his face. I can’t stop myself from smiling too.
  “Deal.” I shake his hand as I feel my anger subsiding.
  “I’m Ryan; Ryan Traven. And you are…” he asks, raising his eyebrow.
  “Brett Bradbury,” I answer. Realizing we’re still shaking, I quickly tug my hand away. He chuckles warmly at me.
  “So you’re a biologist?” I notice his voice has a soft, gentle quality to it when he isn’t scolding me.
  “Yes, and let me guess: you’re a botanist,” I say, coyly.
  “Guilty. Sorry if I sounded like I was lecturing you. I’ve been walking the perimeter, looking at all these strange plants, and wondering what qualities they possess. I really was just worried for you.” He shrugs his shoulders apologetically.
What found genius with Tracy Rozzlynn's writing was you get to read into a book that had this professional gathering of scientists vibe that felt so believable. Interesting to become immersed into. Here [below] her writing style comes out:

The weekend and Monday morning goes by very slowly. We all try to busy ourselves with other work, but the waiting makes it hard to concentrate. We’re all excited and nervous to see what she thinks, and to see if she’ll allow us to plant it on the base. I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning, just watching the clock until it’s late enough to wake my parents and run downstairs to see what’s been left under the tree. I’m only half paying attention to the video I’m screening, when I catch a black shape blur across the screen. I quickly sit up in my chair and rewind the footage.
  Ryan had seen it from over my shoulder. “What the hell was that?”
  Everyone gathers around me as I replay the footage at normal speed. We see an Enux run past first – a large, flightless bird that resembles an oversized turkey with long muscular, legs and the speed of a roadrunner. Then we see the black blur. Whatever it was, it’s enormous, fast, and after the Enux. Anxiously, I rewind it again and play it in slow motion to see if I can get a better view, but it doesn’t help.
  “Shit!” I look to confirm the time and location and of the camera. “Anything large enough to take down an Enux is large enough to hunt us.” Alarmed, I start barking orders. “Jake, pull up the video from camera six, 2238 hours, June thirty-fifth. There might be a better shot of the animal on that camera. I’m going to see if I can slow this down more and clean up the image better. Ryan, grab camera five – Molly, grab cameras eight’s video. They’re both long shots, but they could have caught something.”
  We spend the rest of the morning carefully screening through the videos. Molly finds a black tail swishing across her screen, but nothing else. Jake just finds black: the animal had rubbed against his camera and knocked it out of position, so it’s now pointed to the ground. Ryan finds absolutely nothing on his camera.
  I finally manage to slow down and clean up my video. Everyone gathers back around me as I play it back. It’s still blurry, but we can make out an elongated snout like that of a dog or wolf, and there are plenty of sharp, jagged teeth lining the creature’s mouth. Its body resembles a panther, but it appeared to be moving even faster than a panther can, and from what we can tell it’s quite a bit larger.
  “Shit,” is all I manage to say.

So far for a Science Fiction fan (me included) this series has a enjoyable world that's a brilliant jewel among many. 

Coming Soon.


  The second book in the Verita series.
Overall: Amazing read!
Genre: Science Fiction, Romance


                               About the Author
  Tracy Rozzlynn is a Science Fiction and Fantasy, Young Adult author. She lives in New England with her daughter and several pets.

Verita is her debut novel.


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