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Review of Saving Lady Ilsa by Crystal Kauffman

Bradford Stratton needs a wife. It isn’t a tragic problem until one considers his disposition. He’d rather spend his days, and nights, with his young lover Frederick. But his father’s gently put request that he marry is nothing short of an order, and Bradford won’t settle for a silly bit of fluff. When he sees the beautiful Norwegian seamstress, he makes his decision on the spot. He has to have her, even as he knows claiming her could destroy his relationship with Frederick.

Ilsa Bergstrom has endured all the abuse she can take from her late sister’s cruel husband. But a thirty-year-old childless woman in London’s rough Whitechapel has few options for surviving on her own, and after a horrific night of abuse at the hands of three men, she’ll never choose whoring as one of them. Yet when handsome nobleman Bradford Stratton makes a scandalous proposition, she accepts without hesitation. Bradford proves to be a gentle and generous lover. But Ilsa knows when something seems too good to be true, it usually is.

            About Saving Lady Ilsa 

Ilsa is a seamstress that is abused by a her her sister's late husband. Her life revolves around having to please his every demand, which is horrific. I felt for Ilsa. Poor Ilsa has to believe the worst in men after  they take all savagely.  Ilsa is an attractive woman but no longer a young girl. With few prospects here and there she has to make do. Things are not so bad. Luck seems to shine on her. While Ilsa feels damaged and isn't too certain of herself. Not knowing what she must do to survive. One particular available nobleman is happy to welcome her. He needs someone like her. Ilsa is wary until things get hot and lusty.
Moments where the players act every bit hilarious and joke give it more fun to the story. The story takes place in Whitechapel London, 1859. There is drama as well. Something nobody sees coming. Less romantic but more hot and heavy defines Saving Lady Ilsa. As for the character's complexity, its rather mild. A sort of in-between. If you're looking for personality this isn't too much for you. It's more about the action, not just between the characters, but the plot in general. The plot itself is well spread out.
It has a pretty good ending and starts out from the beginning well paced. Never drags out or feels too boring. Found I couldn't keep myself off the sexy scenes on the pages. This is one of those books not to be taken too serious. More of a teaser. The sex scenes are really precious. Ocassionally you will be happy to know the characters aren't just about the sex  but do care for each other. Since the characters have had their shared sorrows. The conclusion will leave you out there thinking. You will just have a blast reading it along with the beautiful cover of the book you can't go wrong.
                              Overall: Amazing read!
                              Genre: Erotic Romance

                  My Star Review 
                     Buy at $3.99
Available at: Ellora's Cave,, and Barnes and Noble 
 Recommended Ages: 17 and Up  
  Published: October 8th 2010 by Ellora's Cave (first published October 2010)
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Unknown said...

Sounds like an awsome book...Its going in my TBR pile!

Cassandra @ Book & Movie Dimension a Blog said...

Thanks Nikki. Was a real great read!

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