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In My Mailbox (12)- October 30's Book Buying Splurge Part 1

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Books Received:
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In Paperback from - The Pearls Wars (Skyship Academy #1) by Nick James
A devastated Earth’s last hope is found in Pearls: small, mysterious orbs that fall from space, and are capable of supplying enough energy to power entire cities. Battling to control the Pearls are the Skyship dwellers—political dissidents who live in massive ships in the Earth’s stratosphere—and the corrupt Surface government.

Jesse Fisher, a Skyship brat, and Cassius Stevenson, a young Surface operative, cross paths when they both venture into forbidden territory in pursuit of Pearls. Their chance encounter triggers an unexpected reaction, endowing each boy with remarkable—and dangerous—abilities that their respective governments would stop at nothing to possess. Enemies thrust together with a common goal, Jesse and Cassius make their way to the ruins of Seattle to uncover the truth about their new powers, the past they didn’t know they shared, and a shocking secret about the Pearls.

In Hardcover from Amazon.comThe Explosionist by Jenny Davidson 
The Explosionist (formerly known as Dynamite No. 1) is the story of a 15-year-old girl growing up in an alternate version of 1930s Edinburgh. There, the legacy of Napoleon's victory a century earlier at Waterloo is a standoff between a totalitarian Federation of European States and a group of independent northern countries called the New Hanseatic League. This world is preoccupied with technology (everything from electric cookers to high explosives) but also with spiritualism, a movement our world largely abandoned in the early 20th Century; Sigmund Freud is a radio talk-show crank, cars run on hydrogen and the most prominent scientists experiment with new ways of contacting the dead.

In Hardcover from Amazon.comStar Crossed (Thief Errant #1) by Elizabeth C. Bunce
Digger thrives as a spy and sneak-thief among the feuding religious factions of Gerse, dodging the Greenmen who have banned all magic. But when a routine job goes horribly wrong and her partner and lover Tegen is killed, she has to get out of the city, fast, and hides herself in a merry group of nobles to do so.

Accepted as a lady's maid to shy young Merista Nemair, Digger finds new peace and friendship at the Nemair stronghold--as well as plenty of jewels for the taking.

But after the devious Lord Daul catches her in the act of thievery, he blackmails her into becoming his personal spy in the castle, and Digger soon realizes that her noble hosts aren't as apolitical as she thought... that indeed, she may be at the heart of a magical rebellion.

Thanks to Erica, from The Book Cellar who introduced me to The Pearls Wars (Skyship Academy #1) by Nick James during her stop on The Pearl Wars book tour. 

All these books happen to be part of a book splurge for my October 20th birthday. I can't wait to read and I'll make it a goal to later review too.

For next week's In My Mailbox, Liar's Moon (Thief Errant #2) by Elizabeth C. Bunce. And because I saw a review from Bloody Bookaholic (See Review). I just had to order a brand NEW copy for Glow (Skychasers #1) by Amy Kathleen Ryan. Can't wait to receive the packages for these books and post book splurge: part 2.

~Cassandra The Book & Movie Dimension Blogger


Emma B. said...

I hope you enjoy Glow, it was one of my favorites I read this year. Thanks for stopping by Novel Minded!

blackplume said...

I'd love to read Glow though it's hard to get a copy locally. I haven't seen one from local book stores.

Cassandra @ Book & Movie Dimension a Blog said...

Emma @ Novel Minded: I knew it was a good book. Thanks for stopping =.

Blackplume: Oh, really. I wasn't sure not that I checked but figured better to order online.
Nice to hear you want to read Glow too.

Anonymous said...

Skyship Academy looks interesting. Nice IMM.

Addicted2Heroines said...

Glow and The Pearl Wars have gotten my attention. Adding them to the list now. Thanks for sharing!
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