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Latest in Blog Visiting This Past August 2012

1. Experiments in Manga blog: Ash @ Experiments in Manga celebrates 2 years of consistent blogging where he writes manga and anime reviews and spreads good information about any of your anime and or manga needs.
Ash is a very talented reviewer and recommend you become familiar with his blog.

Ash also shares his August 13-August 19, 2012 Week in Manga. Of the many reviews on The Week in Manga : August 12-August 19, 2012, The Monkey King, Volume 1-2 by Tatsuya Terada seems particularly of interest but it's good idea to read the Chinese classic Journey to the West he recommends. In Anime, there is This Boy Can Fight Aliens directed by Soubi Yamamoto that is an unusual anime. It's also surreal and has some comedic aspects. Looks pretty good and might yet watch!
On Finding Manga: Right Stuff you can learn new tips of how to take advantage of one of America's largest anime and manga specific retailers out there with great savings. If you happen to not know anything about then it's a good time to get to know it.
Posts Visited @ Experiments In Manga-Experiments in Manga: Random Musings: Two Years of Experiments

My Week in Manga: August 13-August 19, 2012

2. b00kr3vi3ws blog: A spotlight giveaway and interview of M.C. Lacy and her Chrysalis series.
The review of Chrysalis seems pretty astounding. Bree Campbell a human born into magicals must save both the human and magical realms. She will have to accept her destiny while now living with a clan of vampires protecting her. While she also contends with an evil sorceress named Esmeralda who wants her dead.
This review and giveaway is something to check out, for sure.
Post Visited @ b00kr3vi3ws-b00k r3vi3ws: #Spotlight & #Interview :: Chrysalis Series by M.L

3. Dub-Sub Anime Reviews blog: Michael @ DubSub has an anime review up for Parasite Dolls.
Michael believes it's very solid and well-created overall. Parasite Dolls explores some controversial aspects of humans and machine co-existing. Worth a watching but not over the top memorable. Don't miss out on reading Michael's review.
Post Visited @ Dub-Sub-Parasite Dolls Anime Review

4. DeLibrarie blog: Nichole has a post on her blog about her In My Mailbox. She plans to read some awesome booksShadowcry by Jenna Burtenshaw being one of the books she recently acquired to read which looks so good.
Post Visited @ DeLibrarie-In My Mailbox

5. NEW BOOKS ON MY SHELVES blog: Lucie has a very good and enlightening review of  THE TOWER CHRONICLES by Matt Wagner. She reveals all its good points and no so good points.

6. The Book Cellar blog: Erica has a guest post for Claire Legrand's Online Book Tour for her book The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls. Found the post to be a fun music inspired written article. You really have to read it!
The Cavendish Home For Boys and Girls by Claire Legrand Book Cover
Post Visited @ The Book Cellar-The Music of Cavendish, Part 1 + Giveaway

7. I'm an anime fan so naturally wanted to find some blog articles talking about how they feel about Cartoon Network's Toonami return. More like revival of anime shows. I'm so pumped for it! This was a good chance to learn that apparently Toonami's beginning came in 1997. Tom (the robot) is a long-lived robot, right? My favorites so far on Toonami are Bleach, Deadman Wonderland which recently ended, Samurai 7, that just began, Casshern Sins, and Eureka 7 that just started too. Some awesome anime shows on Cartoon Network's Toonami block on Saturdays @ 12-around 8am.

BREAKING: TOONAMI RETURNS MAY 26TH and  Toonami Returns To Adult Swim! Time To Spaz Out!

Thanks for reading Latest in Blog Visiting everyone.
Go visit some blogs.

Oh, and before I forget look at these blog giveaways going on now.


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