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Big Fan! Author Interview with Morgan Gallagher

Morgan Gallagher is the author of The Dreyfuss Trilogy. And Fragments.

Morgan Gallagher

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Author Interview
Questions and Answers

1. Morgan thank you for letting this interview go on the blog. Let's talk about your Dreyfuss Trilogy. How would you introduce Changeling to the readers?
It’s a real vampire and a real human.  No fantasy, no pretend, no Dark Prince coming to sweep you off your feet.  It’s brutal, uncompromising and extremely relevant to most women.  This is what happens when a dark stranger invades your night, mind, body and dreams.  Be careful what you wish for.  Also, are you strong enough to survive?  

2. Did the inspiration for Changeling come easily or was it a strenuous process?

The first page came in a flash.  I’d had a tough and painful psychotherapy session in the afternoon, where I’d felt the psychotherapist was trying to drill into my brain and suck out my life.  I wrote the first page that evening, in one go.  The entire story is in that page, really.  You just need another 150 000 words of detail for it to make sense!

3. How long did it take you write Changeling from its first drafts to getting it completed?

The question I’d hoped no one would ask.  26 years.  Including about 15 of which, when I had a severe writers block.  In terms of how long it took to write, probably about five years to six years, spread over that time.  Mostly done in chunks.  Although that doesn’t reflect that I also plotted out all of the second book, and wrote the last third of that, in that time.  

4. What is the next book in the Dreyfuss Trilogy and what will it be about?

Lucifer’s Stepdaughter is book two.  It’s a stand alone, in many ways.  You can read it without reading Changeling, you just won’t get all of the subtleties – you’ll miss a bit of depth.  In Changeling, my main character is kidnapped by Dreyfuss and he attempts to turn her into a vampire and his eternal mate who will never leave him.  In Lucifer’s Stepdaughter, she goes out to find the rest of the vampire world and tries to make sense of who she is and who they are.  In Changeling, there are two people locked in a small apartment in London for most of the book.  In Lucifer’s, she moves throughout the whole of Europe and meets several major vampires and their stories as she tries to form her own sense of self and identity after Dreyfuss has wrought his madness upon her.  It’s her journey on her own terms, or so she thinks... 

5. If you had to name 10 authors that are quite talented in your personal opinion who would they be?

Harlan Ellison, James White, John Wyndham, Anne McCaffrey, Stephen King, L.M. Montgomery, Louisa May Alcott, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Ian Rankin, Minette Walters, James Herbert... I better stop.  

6. Any book or movie you have very recently seen/read?

I used to be a film academic and I taught film and drama.  I watch movies all the time.  In the past week I’ve watched Kabbie Kushie Kabbie Gham, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Wall-E, Jaws and A Matter of Life and Death.  At home, for fun.  Currently Reading ‘Beggars Banquet’, a book of short stories by Ian Rankin, who wrote the Inspector Rebus books.

7. What are you currently working on in writing?

I have about two weeks left to finish a short novel called Bedlam Maternity, a horror novel set in an East End of London maternity unit where mothers are dying and ghosts are haunting.  Then it’s non-stop for the next few months on finishing Lucifer’s Stepdaughter.  Then, I have a series of novellas in the Maryam Michael Mysteries to do, and I have a children’s book called The Gunsgreen Gang on the boil.  Then I’ll do Moonchild, the final book in the Dreyfuss Trilogy.  Then I’m free to do more of the other stories in my vampire world. 

8. One final question Morgan. Would you like to say anything to blog readers?

Take risks with your reading.  Whilst it’s perfectly okay to stick to your comfort zone when you need the world to be nice to you (and we all need that)... take a risk now and then.  Read things you’d never dream of reading.  Go to the library and borrow for free, stuff you’re not sure of.  Try something new.  Jump off the cliff now and then.  Jumping in the deep end can often change your world view, and your life! 

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