Sunday, March 27, 2016

More Bloggers Wanted for Book & Movie Dimension a Blog

Hi, guys. I have some exciting news. Given my high interest in continuing to move this blog forward I'm looking for people interested in blogging on here. Precisely 3 more bloggers. You don't really need any experience whatsoever but I do need individuals interested in books, movies, anime, and or doing cosmetics reviews. 

If you like any one of these things or all of them get in contact. The best people for this position are people who wholeheartedly believe they know how to spot trends in Entertainment. In addition, I'm looking for one particular blogger out of the three who has an interest in doing beauty reviews. For this you'll need to have a good camera and be able to post good pictures. 

Other Requirements

  • Have some free time on your hands. Be able to respond to my email messages every 3 days or so and get back to me quickly.
  • Have some capable writing skills. I'm looking for eloquent writing or people who can write with humor: sarcastic or witty is fine. Either one.
  • Be able to review books, movies, anime, or cosmetics. Each blogger will have an assigned theme, although you can negotiate other areas you will like to write about. Just know they can only be in these themes. Oh, and the areas you can cover will depend on your level of expertise in a given topic.
  • Be ok with contacting me about whatever you are planning to blog about before you blog about it. This includes giving me a look at what you're going to post about in text format.
  • Have a Twitter account or be willing to create one. Online presence is very important in blogging. 
  • Capable of writing fluent English. 
  • Capability of doing creative posts every once in a while. We'll talk more about this later. Has to do with sharing a little about your own perspective on here. 
  • Be willing to blog on here for free and agree that the content set forth here will remain here and that you're simply blogging for fun and for the benefit of helping authors promote their books, plus helping readers discover new things in Entertainment. 
  • No. You do not have to live in the USA to apply. You merely have to be able to write and understand English. As well as have a Twitter account with a personal profile photo of yourself, which I'll need you to mention in email. So make sure you create your Twitter account before you send me an email message about wanting to be a co-blogger. Link included to your account so I can check it. 
  • You'll get free books to review whether in print or e-book form.
  • Meeting new authors you might have never heard about.
  • Be able to leverage influence to contact authors and get interviews.
Contact Info
My Gravatar Profile. Please go to my Gravatar profile and there you will find my email information so that you can contact me. Subject line when emailing: Book & Movie Dimension Blogging Position

If you agree to all this then I will love to hear from you. I look forward to our possible future interactions!

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