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Review of Queen of the Faire (The Faire Folk Saga #7) by Gillian Summers

After the Goblin Wars that almost outed the elves, fae, and other non-human races, Keelie Heartwood is ready to escape the drama and hang out with Dad. A new Renaissance Faire in the North Georgia Mountains sounds perfect for checking out hunky jousters instead of memorizing more elven lore.

When the faire's manager, the draconic Finch, offers Keelie the chance to be Queen of the Faire, it sounds like the perfect job. Or is it? Strange disappearances and a sense of pending evil casts shadows over the medieval fun, and it's up to Keelie and her unique blend of magic to discover the truth.

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Recommended: Yes. I believe so with every fiber of my being.

                                About Queen of the Faire
Recommended Ages: 15 and Up
Kindle Edition: 377 pgs.
Published: August 30th 2014 by Dark Woods Press
 For This Review:  *Self-Provided Kindle E-book copy for Review*

It pains me to know that I in fact only recently read the latest Gillian Summers book in my beloved Faire Folk Saga. It was released back in August 2014 but that year had many new things in store for me that I could never find the time to get to Queen of the Faire. That said, I promise that there was never a time I wasn't fully thinking about Queen of the Faire. I was always fully aware of it and how much I wanted to read it. 

Thankfully I have, finally! And am I glad I have continued to read Gillian Summers. This following line was worth it all but OK so was the rest of the book. Go, Gillian Summers!

"Don't you think you were being too charming?" Keelie asked.

"I was being nice". Dad grinned, and then he laughed. "I'll be more subdued and somber like Elianard". 

Keelie made a face. "As if you could".-Page 330 of 377 on my Amazon Fire 7 (Kindle e-reading)

Reuniting into the newest troubles Keelie faces as the chosen handler of a magical Compendium at an equally magical Renaissance faire was glorious. Even as I struggled to get into the habit of reading (hello reading rut) I am glad Gillian Summers can ease that transition in me. Reading as I was, it was intriguing to see Keelie handle an unexpected job and a possible new romance with a human for the very first time after a tough breakup with her old boyfriend who some of you may know as Sean O' the Woods. But then again good thing because I always thought the guy was too arrogant for his own good and I hate arrogance.

And yeah, I did notice some of the grammar errors to which I usually cringe. But you know, whatever. This is Gillian Summers a writing duo that cannot be replicated and that is why the grammatical errors all but disappeared as I read. My thoughts? Incredible read. Yet again, go Gillian Summers.
Overall: Amazing read! 
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Faeries, Elves, Dragons, Nature Gods

About Gillian Summers 

A forest dweller, Gillian was raised by gympsies at a Renaissance Faire. She likes knitting, hot soup, costumes, and adores oatmeal, especially in the form of cookies. She loathes concrete, but tolerates it if it means attending a science fiction convention. She can be found at her North Georgia cabin, where she lives with her large, friendly dogs, obnoxious cats, and occasional fairy.  

Gillian Summers is the pseudonym for co-authors Berta Platas and Michelle Roper. Both are ardent faire groupies. Visit Gillian Summers at

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