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Author Interview with E.J. Dabel author of "Pantheons"

E. J. Dabel's Bio

Ernst J. Dabel is the author of “Pantheons”, and is also the President and co-owner of Dabel Brothers Productions, a publishing company specializing in comics and graphic novels. Ernst’s company has adapted novels by major authors such as Dean Koontz, Laurell K. Hamilton, Jim Butcher, George R.R. Martin, Robert Jordan, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Orson Scott Card, Raymond E. Feist, R.A. Salvatore, Patricia Briggs, Robert Silverberg, Tad Williams, and others.

Author Interview
Questions and Answers

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1. Thanks so much E.J. for being able to answer questions for  Book & Movie Dimension a Blog!

What can readers who haven't discovered your novel expect with Pantheons?

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You’re welcome, Cassandra! Readers who haven’t discovered my novel yet can expect to find a lot about teen gods and teen goddesses.  Deities have never been so cool, especially when you have teenagers like Zeus, Odin, Loki, and many others walking around in High School! Readers can also expect a great hero in Isaiah Marshall, the son of Zeus who’s prophesied to overthrow his cruel and sadistic father.  The fights between these young gods who’ve been sentenced into mortal form, yet retain their godly powers, are unique and mind-boggling.  

2. What was the process of creating Pantheons in terms of research and coming up with ideas?

The research for Pantheons was intense, and no other words can quite describe it.  When you’re dealing with gods from around the globe, there’s no way you can get around long hours of gathering information.  My research covered not only the Greek gods, but Norse, Egyptian, Finnish, Hindu, Celtic, Asian, Native American Indian, Babylonian, other Pantheons yet to be revealed, as well as those born in the modern day called godlings.  

3. How long did it take to finish Pantheons? Did it feel long to you or like it flew by?

It didn’t take me long to finish Pantheons.  I was having so much fun with Isaiah that it flew by.  It was the research that took the longest time, I’d have to say.

4. On the characters of Pantheons: Which would you say was your favorite to write about and why? 

I would have to say Isaiah Marshall, because he’s new at being a teen god.  Isaiah is trying to figure out his emerging powers, while some of the teen gods and goddesses he’s dealing with can already harness the very power of the sun itself, which is just one of the many things some of them can do.  He’s up against some major obstacles and doesn’t have much time to figure it all out.  I’d have to say Isaiah’s situation is just like your typical first day of High School, you’re never really quite ready for it, everything comes at you fast and you have to learn to adapt to the pressures of those four years as best as you can.  Then there’s the issue of having to deal with your parents, the good, the bad, the scars you receive and those you deal out in that sometime turbulent relationship.       

5.  With the way things ended with Pantheons would we be seeing more of Sam, Pipsqueak, Jeremy, and Monty in future books?

It’s funny you should mention Pipsqueak, Jeremy and Monty.  The three of them are Isaiah’s best friends and they all look up to him as their leader.  As for Sam, Isaiah is quite conflicted and doesn’t understand his feelings about her and some of his final words to her in the first book had not been the most romantic either.  With the way things ended with Pantheons can Isaiah, the Indestructible Diamond, even face them in his current physical...situation? Isaiah’s always been strong, although a teenager of few words, but he’s never been weak.  You can imagine some of the thoughts running through his head now.  How will my friends look at me from now on? Will they pity me? Will they treat me differently? Those are all scary thoughts for Isaiah, so we’ll see if Isaiah runs away from the four of them in Pantheons: The Game of the Gods ;)   
Would we be seeing more intense god-battles and grueling training scenes for Isaiah?
YES! There’ll be some real intense god-battles and some really grueling training scenes for Isaiah.  In the second book, the gods will be competing in a new sport called Tasselball, the game of the gods so they have to train hard!

6.  About how many books will there be in Pantheons?

There’ll be quite a few books since Isaiah has to accomplish so many different things.

7. As an Author: Are you an organized writer or make-up-as-you-go writer?

I’m a little bit of both.  For the research, I like to be organized and have all the information on all the different gods and goddesses in front of me.  I also like to have certain bullet points of where I want to go with the story but I like adding flesh to those bones as I write.  

8. As an Author: Do you find getting ideas to write easy or hard? Where does the inspiration usually come from?

Getting ideas to write has always been easy for me.  One of my inspirations is my love of creating unique worlds <grins>.    

9. On you as a regular person: What are your favorite books or movies that you feel really carry a strong message or just left an impression?

My favorite books are The Hobbit (patiently waiting for the movie), Lord of the Rings (books and movies), and the Silmarillion.  Those books opened up my imagination and the door into new and wondrous worlds.  Mr. Tolkien changed the course of my life.

10. On you as a regular person: What's something you love to do when not writing that really is relaxing?

I love feeding my six month old baby Nathan, changing his diapers, reading to him.  I also like to dance and make goofy faces for him so I can make him laugh.  He crawls backwards so I love to encourage and cheer him to start crawling forward now, it won’t be too long <grins> 

11. What are some previous books you have written and what were they like? What are you currently writing?

Pantheons is actually my first published work, and Albino is my second even though I had written it first.  Pantheons: The Game of the Gods is being edited and should be out in June.  I’m currently doing the research for the second book of Albino and will be starting it very soon!

12. Is there something you'd love to mention on the blog?

I’d like to mention the sketches and artwork that goes up on my E.J. Dabel Facebook every week, enjoy! 

Photos and other Fantastic stuff @ E. J. Dabel's Facebook

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