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Interview with Steven L. Shrewsbury on "Thrall"

Steven L. Shrewsbury's Bio:

Steven L. Shrewsbury, from Central Illinois, enjoys Football, books about history, guns, politics, mystery shows, and good fiction. 365 of his short story have been published in print or digital media. His novels STRONGER THAN DEATHHAWGTORMENTOR, AND GODFORSAKEN run from horror to historical fantasy. His collaboration with Nate Southard BAD MAGICK was his first hardback release from Bloodletting Press. His collab novel with Peter Welmerink, BEDLAM UNLEASHED, was recently accepted by Belfire Press for an early 2011 release. The novel HELL BILLY is also on the Horizon, to be published by Bad Moon Books in 2012. When not writing new tales or working on collobarations with Maurice Brauddus and Brian Keene, he searches for brightness where it may hide.

Author Interview
Questions and Answers

                       NEWS: Incoming Contest for E-book Short Stories set in the world of Thrall
2 new Gorias La Gaul adventures in the Blood and Steel: Legends of La Gaul Collection!

1. Why should readers be excited for your novel Thrall, Steven?  

Because it's a rough & tumble good time, full of action, dark humor and
characters that might keep one guessing. I don't think THRALL is a doorstop
fantasy novel that would be a challenge to get into.

2.  What has always been your niche in novels in terms of genre if any?

I write fantasy, probably slapped with the term sword & sorcery or high
fantasy, but I never really think of that. I just tell the tales. I do
horror novels, too. THRALL is a horror novel, really, but most tales are. It
takes place thousands of years ago and has swords so...

3. What was it like writing Thrall? How long did it take?

The first draft went really quick, poured out fast, probably in a month.
Redrafts and other edits took ages.

4. On the characters: How would you likely describe Gorias La Gaul?

A 700 year old warrior, who had a storied past and was once something
quite fine, but now as his life draws to a close, staggers through life to
do what is right. He's not a very nice or moral guy, but he talks to angels.

5. On the characters: Which is your favorite character?

Well, Gorias of course because he gets to do anything. However, Kayla is
a good one as she shows us a regular POV and brings other things out of

6. On the story as a whole for Thrall: Big fan of Thrall. What are the
plans concerning the world of Thrall?

The Ebook shorts INSURMOUNTABLE and AUTHOR AND FINISHER OF OUR FLESH are now out, detailing some events in Goria's OVERKILL, a prequel novel, is on the horizon in a few months time.

7. On you as a regular person: What types of novels do you enjoy indulging

History, old pulps, I really enjoy Joe Abercrombie now.

8. On you as a regular person: What is a sit back and relax moment for you?

I love playing with my kids, 13 and 7, they are both great boys and keep
me reliving my youth. However, I do love to get outside and work or just be
outside in the real world away from technology.

9.  On you as an Author: What is worthwhile in writing for you personally?

I write because I gotta, I guess. It comes out and is a terrific release.
Dunno what I'd do if i couldn't. It feels so great when the ideas spark and

Thank you for answering all these questions Steven!
Looking forward to more books/short stories from you.

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