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Review of Darkside (Darkside: Book 1) by Tom Becker

Dark alleys,
Dangerous tunnels,
Creatures of the night…
There's no place like home.

Jonathan Starling's home has been attacked, his dad is in an asylum, he's running for his life, and there's nowhere to hide.

Jonathan has stumbled upon London's greatest secret: Darkside.

Incredibly dangerous and unimaginably exciting, Darkside is the creepiest place Jonathan has ever seen. It's a world of nightmares and secrets, where fear and evil rule, and Jonathan has to find a way out....

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Recommended: Yes, you need to check it out!

About Darkside
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                                                  Recommended Ages: 12 and Up
                                                             Paperback: 256 pgs.
PublishedPublished (first published February 1st 2008)
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Jonathan Starling often feels his father, Alain Starling, is keeping secrets from him especially concerning his mother's disappearance. What he doesn't yet know is that his suspicions are right. Alain in the past was involved with a place under the wrong side of the streets of London. A place rightfully named Darkside. Mostly given the reason that its inhabitants are all of London's worst type of people who include murderers, thiefs, and various other types of monsters actually sometimes literally. 

By chance of fate, Jonathan is stalked by a strange multi-color-haired girl by the name of Marianne with her helpers Hodge and Skeet. It becomes very apparent these two are from Darkside and obviously not the good guys. As Jonathan runs from this group he happens to find that Darkside has decent individuals in Raquella, a servant girl, and Carnegie , a rather aggressive wolfman. There is hope that Jonathan might yet escape capture yet what Jonathan hardly knows is that another individual is hunting for him just as much as he is.

Have got to give it to, Tom Becker, his series Darkside which so far have read not only Darkside but also Lifeblood (Darkside: Book 2) is so awe-inducing. He writes with a calling that is so enigmatic of a dangerous but tempting London. In Darkside (Darkside: Book 1) we meet Jonathan our main protagonist and other main characters that are apparent will feature in later novels. They do since as mentioned before have reached Lifeblood (Darkside: Book 2) and some of the same characters are present along with some new faces. There is a lot of mystery with Darkside and the action just as eclipsing.

Can't believe that don't hear more mention of these books in the Darkside series since it's Dark Fantasy but high caliber Dark Fantasy written beautifully. Not sure if it is perhaps that the reason that it is under Scholastic's publishing and someone might expect Young Adult or even little Children's reading but this can pass for good-quality reading for all ages. There are after all some adult characters that are in Darkside with a deep tug. Truly is beautiful Dark Fantasy to be discovered by any reader.
Overall: Amazing read!
Genre: Fantasy, Dark-Fantasy, Fiction, Vampires, Werewolves, Paranormal 

About the Author
Tom Becker's Website: 

Since Tom Becker learned to hold a pen, he wanted to become a writer. In fact, when he was 5 years old, he wrote in a notebook that it was his dream to be an author. Aged 25, Tom has realised that dream with publication of his first novel, Darkside in January 2007. 

Tom's early enthusiasm for books and reading was encouraged by his parents who were voracious readers. Their family home was cluttered with bookcases and piles of novels. Tom spent most of his childhood curled up in an armchair reading fantasy novels by Brian Jacques, and later graduated to grown-up novels by David Eddings and Guy Gavriel Kay.

Tom studied History at Oxford University and was struck by the otherworld-ly atmosphere of this academic institution. He used to spend long days studying and reading in the University library and always felt intrigued by the atmosphere there - perhaps that is why a library is such an important setting in Darkside.

Tom started writing Darkside in 2005, it took him three months to complete and he is now working on more books in the series. He drew inspiration from film noirs such as The Asphalt Jungle and The Big Sleep (hence the glasshouse scene in Darkside), and comicbook writers such as Alan Moore.

Aside from reading, Tom's big love in life is music. He is still reeling from the break-up of his two favourite bands, Rocket From the Crypt and Sleater-Kinney. Tom's other passions include supporting Everton Football Club and consisting on a diet of fry-ups and fish fingers!

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