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Review of Changeling (The Dreyfuss Trilogy #1) by Morgan Gallagher

A young woman vanished from the streets, a life destroyed, her humanity a battle ground.

London, April 1987. Joanne is out for a night on the town and her plans go awry. She slips into a pub for a quick drink before going to see a film. Jonathon Dreyfuss is on the prowl, looking for something tasty to devour. He spots Joanne through the window. Joanne vanishes from sight. 

She wakes in a room with no windows, trapped in a nightmare of pain and terror. Dreyfuss finds her boring and tedious... yet he can’t quite kill her. Something about her, some aspect of her, is pleasing to him. He keeps her for a little while, house training her as he’s attempted to train others in the past. She resists, as they all did, and he takes up the challenge, to prove once again he is master of all. Joanne fights back as best she can, terrified and confused, beaten, starved and lost in a madman’s fantasy. He spends months schooling her to obey, tearing her down. When she begins to break, as hope of escape fades... he reveals his final madness: he is Vampire. She too, will be Vampire: his Changeling. 

He wishes her to be his immortal companion, his eternal mate. What Dreyfuss wishes, Dreyfuss gets.

The battle for her soul begins. All she has is her will and the need to be free. Dreyfuss holds all the cards: money, power and no conscience. Can she keep fighting, or will he win? How long can Joanne stay human? 

What price would you pay for your freedom? 

Changeling is the first novel in the Dreyfuss Trilogy: a compelling and unique vampire mythology for adults.

Recommended: Fantastic read although not for everyone. 

About Changeling
Available as:  Paperback $15.99 from,  E-book $7.50 from Kindle's Edition  
                                                  Recommended Ages: 17 and Up
                                                             E-book: 389 pgs.
PublishedJune 30th 2011 by Osier Publishing (first published April 5th 2011)

For This Review: *Author Provided E-book For Review Purposes*

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For many readers this will surely be something but not of the books to pick up if you don't exactly like reading about violent situations or abusive circumstances. It is shocking. Terrifying horrific even. If your ok with Horror novels with these circumstances then you're in for a magnificent book. If not this isn't a book for you.

Joanne Maitland, a young woman, that is kidnapped and finds herself in the arms of a crazy man by the name of Dreyfuss. He delights in scaring her and beats her savagely as he likes. Joanne just wishes to escape but Dreyfuss won't release her until she's bent to his will. And she does going so far as accepting her horribly abused existence. Well, that is until Dreyfuss reveals he's a vampire. Joanne now really wants out from under his iron grip.

Changeling is an entirely graphic novel. There is violence that is most terrible including some strong rape scenes. Joanne the female lead protagonist is a strong-willed individual and there is a lot of strong emotional parts she is center stage in Changeling. Morgan Gallagher knows how to create a genuine image of events going on that bring richness to Changeling.

Heavily recommend the first in the Dreyfuss Trilogy! Just make sure you're capable of handling your own with the strong pieces concerning -violence- in Changeling. Morgan makes it come to life oh so remarkably.
Overall: Amazing read!
Genre: Horror, Paranormal, Vampires 

Contains: Blood and Gore Scenes, Sexually-Charged Scenes, Foul Language

About the Author
Morgan Gallagher is the author of The Dreyfuss Trilogy. And Fragments.

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Morgan Gallagher

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