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Big Fan! Author Interview with Jeff Neal

Jeff Neal's Bio

Jeff Neal
Jeff Neal is a 26 year old Caucasian male. From the dawn of his genesis, he's been heavily inebriated by music and movies, endowing him with a prental awareness sparked the fuse that ignited him into Temple University, where he was spoon fed a secondary education of english and philosophy that spawned the beginning of Awful, Ohio, while strolling down Norris and 12th street in Philadelphia in 2008. Although no longer living in Philadelphia, this prental awareness remained within, following him back to York County, where he currently resides with his beautiful wife. When not selling worms, inventing absurd products, jamming his guitar with sloppy chord changes, and engineering new plot lines for upcoming novels, he enjoys his days with his wife. They both spend their time fending off the demonic mortagage monster that attempts to devour their savings, but also engage in whatever activities attract their rountinely altering interests. Currently, they are fixated with website development and salads.

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Author Interview
Questions and Answers

Learn About Awful, Ohio-Review of Awful, Ohio by Jeff Neal

1. Jeff thank you for letting me ask some questions and probably taking time from you. Even so really excited! First off, how would you introduce your novel Awful, Ohio to readers who have yet to experience it?

It's a pleasure to answer some questions for you, Cassandra.  

First, I would forewarn them that Awful, Ohio is a fictional extravaganza, that attempts to push the creative boundaries of pop-fiction, closer to the realm of literature.  It's a lyrical, character study on multiple characters, all pursuing conflicting motives.  And hopefully from an explanation like this, the potential reader can then conclude that the finale will be monumental.  

2. If you had to relegate it to a book genre what would it be?

literary farce

3.  How did going to Temple University enrich your writing knowledge and what are your fondest memories of being in Philadelphia?

The great thing about being in Philadelphia, and I imagine any large city, is that you always feel like you're in something.  Whether night or day, if you stare up, you'll see these large, over bearing walls that are entirely encapsulating.  It's literally a like being in a labyrinth.  

4. What parts on writing Awful, Ohio seemed most difficult to you?

Finishing it.  I had always written short stories, where it was easy to remember what you had previously written, or what themes to continue.  But with Awful, Ohio, I was trying to hit a home run, but it became so in depth, that I often got lost in the midst of it all.  I've probably read the thing over 100 times, just so I could remember the character motives, and what the current theme is for a specific chapter.

5. With Awful, Ohio did you want to write for the simple pleasure of entertaining or something like conveying a message? Both?

Conveying a message is up to the reader.  I installed alot of themes, character motives and conflict, and irony, so, depending on the literary awareness of the reader, varying messages may be interpreted.  But mostly, I wrote it for the sake of entertainment.  

6. If you had to list 10 talented authors who would they be?

Vonnegut, Heller, Kesey, Henry Miller, Poe, Nietzsche, David Sedaris, Roald Dahl, Spinoza, Joseph Conrad.

7. What do you enjoy doing when not working?

hmmm... isn't everything work?  I guess catching a daytime movie at the theater. 

8. Any amazing book or movie you have come across lately?

Bullhead.  A Belgian film that juxtaposes herded cattle with a man forced to take human growth hormones.  A very innovative story with a specific scene that is very challenging to dismiss emotionally.  

9. What are you up to in writing? A sequel to Awful, Ohio or another writing project entirely, do tell?

Another writing project.  No title yet, but it's about a doctor that falls in love with his patient, pitting him against his Hippocratic oath and personal desires.  I'm hoping to have it completed before 2013.

10. Let anyone know a final word, Jeff? It's open ground here!

Treat anything the way it wants to be treated, and it will treat you the way you want to be treated.  

Thanks again, Cassandra!

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