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T.V. Casual Talk: The Legend of Korra on Nickelodeon "Exciting Season 1 Finale"

General Iroh makes his prominent appearance finally from "Turning the Tides" where we had briefly seen him. Things don't exactly go as expected. As soon as, General Iroh reaches harbor in Republic City his whole fleet gets utterly put down by The Equalists which have to mention was quite the scene! Lots of action and animation movement! General Iroh comes out being the only survivor? by almost dying when there is an attack near his ship. Luckily, he is saved by Korra who happens not to want to sit passively while help for Republic City gets completely demolished. Back underground, Korra and everyone including General Iroh (Welcome to Team Avatar, General Iroh!) realize they now have to come up with a new plan to take out The Equalists. General Iroh ever determined comes up with the idea that he'll send a wire to Captain Boomi , Tenzin's eldest brother, who is also in The United Forces for help. Korra though feels she has to take down Amon now. Her instincts telling her so. General Iroh approves quickly with his belief from Firelord Zuko being the Avatar is always right. While, Mako has his reservations but finally agrees. 

In that particular scene Mako agrees as long as he can come with. Feeling probably since he loves her he can't just let her go in the line of danger. Finally, Mako and Asmi's romantic realationship ends considering Asami sees how protective Mako is of Korra and that he loves her sadly more than her. In a very subtle way, they say good-bye (and to their relationship romantic-wise) with Asami giving Mako a farewell kiss on his head. Mako quickly leaves with Korra to once and for all stop Amon. 


While infiltrating Amon's headquarters Korra and Mako come across Tarrlok who is imprisoned in a cell. Tarrlok reveals Amon is his brother!

What a shock. As a fan of the series and also Avatar: The Last Airbender didn't see that coming. It was a huge surprise. Amon and Tarrlock share a past. A turbulent one. Where their father, , used them to get his revenge against Avatar Aang who not only stolen his water-bending but also caused his exile. isn't exactly kind with his sons and Amon believes that the reason for all problems is bending. And the greed and power gained from it. So now, it's easy to see where Amon's dislike of bending stems from. Korra armed with this knowledge sets off with Mako to confront Amon in a public Equalist rally. The confrontation of Amon in front of his followers doesn't make any difference. Amon sporting a nice scar from a supposed Fire bender eludes being ousted. Later Korra and Mako attempting to hide face of with Amon while also trying to jail break. Ikki's s reference of running screaming at the top of his lungs Jail Break. Tenzin and his family who, oh yeah, had actually been captured by Amon. Running from Amon doesn't go too well. Amon using his blood bending soon gets Korra in his grip. Korra fearfully struggles and Mako intervenes pulling a fast one on Amon. Until Amon overpowers Mako. Korra fights back but Amon probably having enough takes her various bending abilities away.  Amon's lieutenant probably hearing all the commotion understands now the truth that the Avatar talked about in which Amon is a fraud and is in fact a bender as well. He attacks him only to be blood bended. Mako carries Korra away in desperation to seek safety. Amon though pursues the pair and just as Mako is going to be stolen of his fire bending Korra determined intervenes. Actually air bending for her first time outside a window toward Republic City and its people. His instincts allow him to water bend in front of everyone ousting him this time as a liar. Failing to capture Amon since he quickly uns Mako and Korra leave to the people waiting for them.Later Korra is found to no longer be able to bend any of the elments except air. Feeling like a disappointment to the Avtar Legacy she runs from Mako's confession of love for her. Preferring to be alone in her grief. Feeling very depressed her Avatar State finally activates. All the Avatars before her heal her and return her Avatar powers completely. Wow, and this was an astounding moment of awe. Korra fully displays herself in the almighty Avatar State. And when she turns around Mako is there and despite everything welcomes her to him. 
Korra can restore every person who had their bending taken away from them by Amon. All of Korra's friends and family especially Tenzin and Katara look on wonderment. Tenzin in turn coming up to Korra and officially addressing her as Avatar Korra implying she's earned her title. So ends, the exciting Season 1 Finale of The Legend of Korra.

For the most part The Legend of Korra felt had quite the unexpected turn of events for its one-hour long final episode. On Youtube and on disscussion boards ,as a fan of the series, came across various theories especially that Avatar Aang was Amon. These theories were circulating before the final episode of Season 1 which came to be wrong. Amom being Tarrlock's older brother.  Now another main most talked about issue which was anticipated for the finale in Season 1 was General Iroh and whether he's come in and save the day somehow. I, myself, expected that one. Sadly that didn't happen. General Iroh is quickly ambushed from almost the first moments in the first portion of the episode. Finally one of the last highly most anticipated moments viewers were waiting for was Korra to go into the majestic Avatar State whcih she did. It was so great and ethereal. Viewers surely were pleased to see that.

Viewers no doubt were probably in a state of perpectual unknowing with what would come with the final episode. While it did have its surprises it came out being being pretty satisfying. Just tring to see what came next and what the creators actaully came out with in each episode. While bringing just a magnificent show that entertained viewers. 

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