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Big Fan! Author Interview with Elise Stokes

Quite a few days ago had a Cassidy Jones Adventures Character Interviews posted up and hopefully now you have an idea about Elise Stokes and her fun series Cassidy Jones. Or if you're familiar with Elise Stokes and the books then you will love the Character Interviews and this Author Interview.  Hopefully, unless you have been living under a huge rock! 
Kidding everyone. I'm aware you are not living under a rock. 
Enjoy the Author Interview!

About Elise Stokes
Elise Stokes lives in Washington State, with her husband and four children. She was an elementary school teacher before becoming a full-time mom. With a daughter in middle school and two in high school, Elise’s understanding of the challenges facing girls in that age range inspired her to create a series that will motivate girls to value individualism, courage, integrity, and intelligence. The stories in Cassidy Jones Adventures are fun and relatable, and a bit edgy without taking the reader uncomfortably out of bounds. Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula and Cassidy Jones and Vulcan's Gift are the first two books in the series. 

Author Interview
Questions and Answers

1. Thanks Elise for answering some questions here for the blog!
For readers who have yet to discover your interesting Science Fiction action/adventure novels of Cassidy Jones. How would you introduce the series?

Hmmmm...Cassidy Jones is as an ordinary 14-year-old girl who finds herself in an extraordinary situation when she wakes up the morning after a minor accident in the laboratory of geneticist Professor Serena Phillips to discover that her senses, strength, and speed have been radically enhanced. Nothing in Cassidy's life is ordinary from that moment on.

2. How long did it take to write each novel out now in the Cassidy Jones series?

It look six months to write Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula and around five months to write the original version of Book Two, which had been titled Cassidy Jones and the Legend of the Sasquatch. After completing and revising it, I decided the plot was weak, so I concocted a new one, retaining some elements of my original attempt, and titled the new and improved version Cassidy Jones and Vulcan's Gift. 

3. How did the idea for creating the series for Cassidy Jones come and was it ever difficult to come up with some adventures?

My husband lit that spark. Having said that, I need to backtrack. I loved writing when I was a kid. In fact, I still have my first book, a mystery written on lined-paper in pencil, a proud 150 pages front and back. I wrote a couple short stories in high school and a couple more my freshman year of college, but then got caught up in the busyness of life and put my passion to write on the back burner. Twenty years and four kids later, I read an article about Stephenie Meyer and learned she had written Twilight with three little boys underfoot. Right then and there, I decided if Stephenie could find the time to write, then so could I. 

After deciding to write again, I couldn’t come up with any solid storylines, so my husband suggested we brainstorm. While throwing ideas back and forth, one of his struck me: a boy superhero whose senses, strength, and speed are enhanced. My response: “Love it, if the superhero is a teenage girl.”

4. Currently have read all the books up to Cassidy Jones and Vulcan's Gift. Elise, could you let readers know some of what is in store in the future?
This is always dangerous ground for me because I love to share and am apt to share too much if I'm not careful. I'll say this much. Characters that have been cloaked in mystery play a significant role in Cassidy Jones and the Seventh Attendant, and everything changes for Cassidy and Emery in their next adventure. 

5. Do you think we would be seeing more romance in the adevntures of Cassidy Jones?

Yes, but younger readers will always be kept in mind. 

6. When not writing what can you be found doing?

Tweeting. I tweet way too much. :)

7. What has to be some of your favorite novels and movies? And why?

East of Eden by John Steinbeck, The Count Of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, Black Beast and LOST by R.S. Guthrie. The characters in these novels struck a cord with me. They're not the type one soon forgets. Movies: anything Marvel. What can I say? I love superheroes.  

8. Growing up what were some of the authors you loved reading?

Julie Campbell, Madeleine L'Engle, C.S. Lewis, Katherine Paterson. 

9. What are you currently working on in terms of writing projects?

Cassidy Jones and the Seventh Attendant

10. Would we be seeing any other books, Elise, besides the Cassidy Jones adventures and if so what are your ideas for future writing projects?

Ah, those are top secret. ;)

11. Love your books, Elise. Also proud to have the chance to ask you interview questions. It's fantastic to do so.
With the interview closing would you like to say something, Elise?

I appreciate that, Cassandra, and thank you for asking me to be a guest. I would like to encourage anyone who has a story tumbling around in their head to not think about writing like I did for twenty years, but to flip open a notebook or a laptop and go for it. There is no time like the present. 

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