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Randi Black's Top 5 Nirvana Videos with Giveaways in the Miss World Book Online Tour!

About Randi Black 
Randi Black is an aging rocker chick with an MFA in Writing from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

                             Miss World Book Tour

Let the Book Tour continue for Miss World by Randi Black. Has been really fantastic to be part of the tour as a blogger. Miss World by Randi Black was a read that definitely enjoyed reading despite it being realistic fiction which I shy away from for fantasy and science fiction novels in its place. Even so found it to be a really beautiful read in its way. So, thank you , Randi,  for writing! I loved it.

Come enter giveaways [below] of the Miss World tour as well.
Enter to win an E-book Copy of Miss World by Randi Black and a Miss World Ipod Shuffle loaded with a playlist of Ten Songs connected to Miss World.
You can hear 5 out of 10 of the songs [on this post] that should be loaded on the Miss World Ipod Shuffle.
Read: Review of Miss World by Randi Black

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Top 5 Nirvana Videos
5.  "Milk It" New Year's Eve 1993, Oakland

This is my favorite track off of "In Utero".  I'll spare the tirade of never being able to see Nirvana because my parents were big meanies, but it's fun to pretend I was there. I love the colored  lights and the angel statue standing right behind Kurt.  

4.  "Negative Creepfrom 1991: The Year Punk Broke

I fucking love the crazy energy of this clip, which is from the documentary by Dave Markey. The whole thing's finally out on DVD, and available to watch on Google:

3.  Come As You Are

If I could pinpoint exactly when and where I fell in love with Kurt Cobain as a 14-year-old Randi, I'd say it was when I saw this video.  Maybe it was the camera effects, maybe it was the staircase and chandelier, but I (along with millions of other girls) totally thought he was the guy of my dreams.  

2.  In Bloom

The concept of this video's hilarious, especially the screaming fans, that announcer dude (who used to host The People's Court!) , and Krist Novoselic's oh-so-bored expression.  And yeah, Kurt looked totally cute in glasses.  Joey's also a big fan of this video, because there's footage of the band wearing dresses as they destroy the stage. 

1.  Heart Shaped Box

Directed by Anton Corbijn, the imaginary is beautiful and disturbing.  There is crucifixion and a child in a Klan uniform in a field of poppies.  And fetuses dangling from tree branches.  I seriously can't think of another band on a major label back then who released such a dark video.  

That has been Randi Black's Top 5 Nirvana Videos!
Read: Review of Miss World by Randi Black

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Lilian said...

Nirvana brings back so many memories, I just love that you included Negative Creep, one of my favorites!

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you, Lillian! Yes, I love Negative Creep, especially that performance of it! It's just so joyful!

x) Ruty said...

Oh My sister loves Nirvana!
some great memories!

Diana said...

I love Nirvana! Thank you for the giveaways!

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