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An Anime Series Review: Buso Renkin (2006-2007)

Buso Renkin (2006-2007)
Director: Takao Koto

IMDb Overview: 
Alchemy showdown!

Anime News Network Overview:
One night, Kazuki Muto jumps in to try to save what he thinks is a girl in distress from a monster and instead gets impaled through the heart. The girl, Tokiko, is actually an alchemic warrior with a Busou Renkin, name of Valkerie Skirt, with the mission to exterminate Homunculi. She implants the only other successful work of alchemy than the Homunculus, the Kakugane, to take the place of Kazuki's heart. The Kakugane resonates with his fighting spirit and forms a Busou Renkin (in his case a spear) so he can fight the Homunculus monsters who prey on humans. Kazuki joins with Tokiko to battle with the Homunculi and protect his friends and his sister Mahiro.

A  Buso Renkin Review
Buso Renkin Episode Count: 26 episodes
While a very high tech original anime, Buso Renkin is really a bizarre one (in my experience). While things are always ending up in twists and new revelations. Buso Renkin's story begins with a good overall beginning. Kazuki Moto wondering an abandoned building where a homonculus attacks and he dies. Soon after he wakes up from this with what he supposes is the truth, the chilling reality is by far more complex than that. He died but was saved at the last moment by a strange device (named a Kakugane medallion) that kept his heart beating thanks to Tokiko Tsumura. She is a type of alchemist who had been on a mission until she stumbled on ,Kazuki, being almost killed, so interfered in hopes of saving him. Later,  Kazuki wakes up like any other day trying to make sense if his death happened (or him almost dying. He did die but planted the Kakugane medallion in his heart giving him life again). Having brief flashbacks to what really happened he decides to go back to the moment he supposedly died. You'd think he'd learn to stay away but he doesn't and the same homonculus is still there. But really can't forget the girl who saved him and feels an intense feeling of gratitude. This time when around when he returns he isn't so defenseless and finds that he is rather strong against this humonculus. Tokiko when seeing him can't believe how well can he handle and wield the kakugane or that it's activating at all to his wield to fight. To her its a seemingly really unconventional and doesn't know whether if its from the itself or from own latent power. Whatever the reason, is going to find soon enough that something is really wrong with him because of his new heart implant.  In this way Kazuki and Tokiko are thrust into a world of the homomculus and Buso renkin (arms alchemy) together.

Captain Bravo, Buso Renkin
Buso Renkin doesn't stay boring for long if it ever was. Changes a lot throughout the anime with varying entertaining cast of both friends and enemies. Papillon who dresses in a black and purple butterfly unitard. He is one of the first major villains that comes to mind.While sensitive sometimes he also has a quick changing mood. Although he can be a really hilarious guy at times too and a wise thinker. Though he's a villain at first it becomes interesting to see he later is one of  Kazuki and Tokiko's closest allies. While another early ally is Captain Bravo.The guy has really amazing (as in a-- beautiful to look at) character design along with other characters and the world in general in Buso RenkinKazuki is often mentioned to adore Tokiko, so much he's willing to fight to protect her at very extreme lenghts seen in the anime. When he does Buso Renkin shows its action empowered with moments of action suspense that's exquisite to watch. For in its own right the fights are fierce at times. In Buso Renkin there that are individuals that are capable to harness abilities with the use of kagukanes that all, are unique to their users. They are then ranked by how strong their abilities are. The world of Buso Renkin is sort of mecha (machine created) but it doesn't do it justice. It's entirely unique with a terrific plot as well as character development. As far as the animation itself it really has a great array of well-designed characters. The animation is clean in nice lighting and bright. Found highly attractive and new from most anime serieses.

Buso Renkin is much more recommended to fans of Inuyasha (a comparison that's a bit close) and anime watchers that love a plot that's really action filled but with an injection of romance. Buso Renkin find brings really tough animation and the thrill of high action together with some romance which is not all badly combined.
Genre: Action/AdventureComedyDramaFantasyRomance, Alchemy

Contains: Dark sideDeveloping Powers

Anime Soundtrack Side-note: The opening for the anime of Buso Renkin was pretty nice. Felt went well with the overall anime. The Opening theme song was "Makka Na Chikai" by Yoshiki Fukuyama. The Closing theme songs found alright. The closing theme for the first half of the series was "Hoshiakari" by Jyukai. For the second half of the series it was "Itoshiki Sekai" by Aya Kagami.

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