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A Movie Review: Men in Black III (2012)

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This movie starts out sick and twisted, but, thankfully, gets a lot better. If I walked out on movies in the first five minutes, I would have missed out on a pretty compelling story.
SUMMARY: Right off the bat you are introduced to the bad guy. Called Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) or “Just Boris” as he repeats, this evil alien is sick, sick, sick. With graphic violence, he escapes from Lunar Prison, seeking revenge on Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) for shooting off his arm and capturing him over forty years ago. Boris finds a time travel device and goes to the past to kill Kay before all this occurs.
In the meantime, Jay (Will Smith) is angry at Kay for never sharing anything personal. They have been partners for fourteen years and he knows nothing about him. When Kay calls to share and just sits in silence, Jay hangs up in frustration. Meanwhile, Kay is erased from history. The next morning, Jay is the only person that remembers Kay.
 After convincing Agent O (Emma Thompson), the new leader of the Men in Black, Jay goes back in time to save Kay, and the world. Because when Kay was killed, the technology protecting Earth from invasion was lost and now Boris’ species is invading Earth. Only by stopping Boris in the past can Jay save Earth in the present. (Photo from
Back in the 1960s, Jay attempts to kill Boris before he can do anything, but gets captured by young Kay (Josh Brolin). Finally, Jay convinces Kay he is who he says he is and together they go off to find the technology to protect Earth and stop Boris.
It turns out that an apparently cold future-seeing alien called Griffin (Michael Stuhlbarg) holds the key to protecting the Earth. Saving him from Boris is harder than expected, as is the location that the technology must get to – outer space via the moon launch. (Photo from
Finally, in an epic battle atop the space rocket, Jay defeats old Boris and Kay gets the technology in place. They race away from the launch pad, thinking their job is done. There is a twist ending which I will not give away, but certainly pulls at your heart strings. Jay learns a little why Kay is the way he is and goes back to the future with a new appreciation for the older man.
MY THOUGHTS: I enjoyed the film once I got past the first part. I love the dynamics between Will Smith and Josh Brolin. The new actor did a great job in the role and had Tommy Lee Jones’ voice down perfectly. There was enough action, aliens, and humor to keep everything moving and I even thought that the addition of Griffin, a very sweet if a little dense alien, was a great choice. The love interest between young O and young Kay was cute to watch also. The ending added some depth to an otherwise popcorn movie, though it left a lot of questions unanswered. Overall, this one was MUCH better than the second one and is actually a decent film.

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