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Review of V Wars by Jonathan Maberry and other authors

A sweeping, threaded narrative of the global phenomenon known as the Vampire Wars!

Mankind is silently infected by a millennia-old bacteria unknowingly exhumed by a scientific expedition in Antarctica. Now, in some rare cases, a person's so-called "junk DNA" becomes activated, and depending on their racial and ethnic heritage they begin to manifest one of the many diverse forms of the "others" that are the true basis for the legends of supernatural creatures. These aren't your usual vampires and werewolves - it goes much deeper than that.

Conceived by Jonathan Maberry, V Wars features stories from various "frontlines" as reported by such contributors as Nancy Holder, Yvonne Navarro, James A. Moore, Gregory Frost, John Everson, Keith R.A. DeCandido, and Scott Nicholson (as well as Maberry himself, of course). The result is a compelling series of tales that create a unique chronicle of mankind's response to this sudden, hidden threat to humanity. For readers who enjoyed: World War Z, Robopocalypse, 30 Days of Night and Zombies vs Robots.

Recommended: Yes, you need to check it out!

About V Wars
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                                                  Recommended Ages: 15 and Up
                                                             E-book: 352 pgs.
PublishedMay 29th 2012 by Idea & Design Works (first published May 8th 2012)

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Vampire stories are widespread but really the question is whether or not to read them. There has to be no question on their originality take and involving characters. V Wars is a vampire novel. Albeit honestly a humongously original one at that.

Michael Fayne labeled patient zero in our modern world in V Wars happens to be the first individual to contract what many politicians and doctors as well as psychiatrists call the I1VI virus-Vampire virus- and now he's known as the first vampire. We are thrown into Michael's world of while at first apparent normalcy becomes quickly discord. In blackouts, he happens to slaughter women in moments of close encounters. Letting it go on longer without knowing what is going on he also infects others from a far. That is how V Wars is built up. The changing of stories and narration of other people that have contracted the virus as well are featured too. Get this though there are many types of vampires. Some of which we are repugnant fur balls and other cadaver-looking people. Vampires are based on how a person may perceive vampires and also by the genetic origins (culture) that people come from. So we have a difference in vampire species  with many much like ethnicity. The V Wars premise overall is that they the vampires are hunting us. The vampires aren't the only ones waging war in hunting.Werewolves emerge too and thankfully they are not hunting us. In the end, the extermination of the human race relies perhaps on whether we can actually consent to some truce between humans and vampires considering they are much stronger than us.

buy the book from The Book Depository, free delivery V Wars had quite an intense angle because it actually had the entirety of the novel built on input from various authors who will, of course, bring a fresh take on things on vampire and werewolf characteristics. Its a mix of distinctive styles of writing which comes together seamlessly. Many readers will surely find stories or a story that they at least favor. Not only that but in general V Wars had quite an amusing tenor in its conclusion that a reader will no doubt find to their liking. 

V Wars has some nods to 30 Days of Night and the prestige of being all of its own a collaboration of authors who managed to create something utterly fantastic.
Overall: Amazing read!
Genre: Vampires, Werewolves, Horror

                      About the Authors
(A total of 8 authors contributed to V Wars!)

Keith R.A. DeCandido is the author of almost 50 novels, at which point he gets a gold watch. Or something. He’s written a butt-load of novels, short stories, and comic books in a variety of media universes, from TV shows (Startrek, Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) to videogames (World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Dungeons
  & Dragons) to movies (Cars, Kung Fu Panda, Serenity) to comic books (Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men), and much more. In 2009, he was granted a Lifetime Achievement Award by the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers, which means he never needs to achieve anything ever again. He’s currently working on a Leverage novel, The Zoo Job, based on the hit TNT series. His original fiction includes the high fantasy police procedurals Dragon Precinct, Unicorn Precinct, and Goblin Precinct; and the SCPD novel series about cops in a city filled with superheroes, including The Case of the Claw and the forthcoming Avenging Amethyst. He’s involved in two other shared-world projects: “Tales from the Scattered Earth,” which includes his novels Guilt in Innocence and the upcoming Innocence in Guilt, as well as a series of short stories; and “Viral,” a series of thriller novel as created by Steven Savile, for which he wrote the opening story, “-30-“. In case “The Ballad of Big Charlie” didn’t make it obvious, Keith was born, raised, educated, and still lives in the Bronx. Find out less at his mediocre web site at, read his inane bloggy ramblings at, or follow him on Facebook ( or Twitter (@KRADeC)

  John Everson is a former newspaper journalist and the Bram Stoker Award-winning author of the novels Covenant, Sacrifice, The 13th, Siren and The Pumpkin Man. 
  He has also penned several short fiction collections including Needles & Sins, Vigilantes of Love and Cage of Bones & Other Deadly Obsessions. Over the past 20 years, his short stories have appeared in more than 75 magazines and anthologies. His work been translated into Polish, Italian, Turkish and French, and optioned for potential film production. For information on his fiction, art and music, visit John Everson: Dark Arts at

  Gregory Frost is a writer of best-selling fantasy, supernatural thrillers and science fiction. He has been a finalist for every major fantasy, sf, and horror fiction award. 
  His latest novel-length work is the YA-crossover duology, Shadowbridge & Lord Tophet, which was voted “one of the four best fantasy novels of the year” by the 359
  American Library Association; it was also a finalist for the James Tiptree Jr. Award in 2009, receiving starred reviews from Booklist and Publishers Weekly. His previous novel, the historical thriller, Fitcher’s Brides, was a finalist for both the World Fantasy and International Horror Guild Awards for Best Novel. He is the current fiction workshop director at Swarthmore College in Swarthmore, PA. 

  Nancy Holder is the New York Times best-selling and multiple award-winning author of the Wicked, Crusade, and Wolf Springs Chronicles series. She’s written tie-in projects for “universes” including Teen Wolf, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Hel boy, Saving Grace, Zorro, and Kolchak. Hot Blooded and Vanquished are her newest young adult novels. She also writes comic books and pulp fiction and teaches in the Stonecoast MFA program at the University of Southern Maine. She and her daughter, Bel e, are published co-authors, and spend every dime they make together at Disneyland. Visit Nancy at, and on Facebook and Twitter. 

  Jonathan Maberry is a NY Times best-selling author, multiple Bram Stoker Award winner, and Marvel Comics writer. He’s the author of many novels including Assas-sin’s Code, The Wolfman, Dead of Night, Patient Zero and Rot & Ruin. His nonfiction books on topics ranging from martial arts to zombie pop-culture. Since 1978 he has sold more than 1200 magazine feature articles, 3000 columns, two plays, greeting cards, song lyrics, poetry, and textbooks. Jonathan continues to teach the celebrated Experimental Writing for Teens class, which he created. He founded the Writers Coffeehouse and co-founded The Liars Club; and is a frequent speaker at schools and libraries, as wel as a keynote speaker and guest of honor at major writers and genre conferences. Jonathan lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with his wife, Sara and their son, Sam. Visit him online at and on Twitter (@jonathanmaberry) and Facebook. 

  James A. Moore is the award winning author of over twenty novels, thrillers, dark fantasy and horror alike, including the critical y acclaimed Fireworks, Under The Overtree, Blood Red, the Serenity Falls trilogy (featuring his recurring anti-hero, Jonathan Crowley) and his most recent novels, Cherry Hill and Smile No More. He has also recently ventured into the realm of Young Adult novels, with his new series Subject Seven. In addition to writing multiple short stories, he has also edited the British Invasion anthology with Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon. The author cut his teeth in the industry writing for Marvel Comics and authoring over twenty role-playing supplements for White Wolf Games, including Berlin by Night, Land of 360
  1,000,000 Dreams and The Get of Fenris tribe book for Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse, among others. He also penned the White Wolf novels Vampire: House of Secrets and Werewolf: Hel storm. Moore’s first short story collection, Slices, sold out before ever seeing print. He recently finished his latest novels, Blind Shadows and Run: A Subject Seven Novel. He is currently at work on several additional projects. 

  Yvonne Navarro lives in southern Arizona, where by day she works on historic Fort Huachuca. She is the author of twenty-two published novels and well over a hundred short stories, and has written about everything from vampires to psycho-logical y disturbed husbands to the end of the world. Her work has won the HWA’s Bram Stoker Award plus a number of other writing awards. Visit her at or to keep up with slices of a crazy life that includes her husband, author Weston Ochse, three Great Danes (Goblin, Ghost and Ghoulie), a people-loving parakeet named BirdZil a, painting, and lots of ice cream, Smarties, and white zinfandel. Her most recent work is Concrete Savior, the second book in the Dark Redemption series. 

  Scott Nicholson is the international best-selling author of more than twenty-five books, including the thril ers Liquid Fear, Chronic Fear, The Red Church, and Disintegration. He has also written four children’s books, four comics series, and six screenplays, as wel as eighty short stories. 
  His website is 

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