Wednesday, June 20, 2012

T.V. Casual Talk: The Legend of Korra on Nickelodeon "General Iroh's First Appearance"

By: Cassandra (The Book & Movie Dimension Blogger)

In "Turning the Tides" (Episode 10) - Book One: Air
Iroh (United Forces general)
The tides are turning for sure! A perfectly named episode title-"Turning the Tides". Korra has been building her strength after having recently been kidnapped by Tarrlok and then almost being captured  by Amon.

Which makes me wonder how did Amon know how to find Korra where she was being held captive by Tarrlok. Korra too wondered this. Guesses anyone [Leave a comment]?

Tenzin is trying to get a hold of Republic City after the aftermath of the chaos caused by . Quickly things go bad. Amon and his Equalists emboldened (great foreshadowing Tenzin) immediately attack and take control of Republic City. A lot of losses for the Avatar Team in this episode.

But guess what? A young, General Iroh who is the leader of The United Forces is soon introduced! He looks like Prince-Firelord Zuko but without the scar. Could possibly be since he's supposedly a relative of Firelord Zuko. And have to add , he also looks somewhat like Mako. And he even has Prince-Firelord Zuko's voice (voice actor-Dante Basco) which find so nostalgic. Looking your way  Avatar: The Last Airbender . General Iroh  is informed of Amon and The Equalists taking over Republic City to which he solemly pledges to help the Avatar and taking Republic City together with Korra. 

"Tell her we'll be arriving in three days' time, and that I look forward to winning back Republic City, together."
Iroh passing on a message to Korra in "Turning the Tides".

Now looking forward to seeing a romance maybe between General Iroh and Korra. He is young enough for her and he looks so interesting. And interesting like he'll be getting interesting parts in The Legend of Korra. Although we'll see what happens next in the Season 1 Finale of The Legend of Korra.

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