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Review of The Candidates (Delcroix Academy #1) by Inara Scott

Dancia Lewis has a secret: whenever she sees a person threaten someone she cares about, things "happen." Dancia does all she can to stay under the radar, but when recruiters from the prestigious Delcroix Academy offer her a scholarship, she reluctantly accepts.

Recommended: Yes, you need to check it out!

About The Candidates
                           Recommended Ages: 15 and Up
                                  E-book: 270 pgs.
                             PublishedAugust 24th 2010 by Hyperion Book CH

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Dancia gets a visit from a supposed private school where people at Dancia's school whisper about being mysterious although very prestigious. Dancia accepts to go where she meets some surprising people and can't help but get a sense that Delcroix Academy has deeper secrets at play.

The secrets come apparent when the students at Delcroix appear to be recruited because they have amazing talents from being highly intelligent to otherworldly powers. Two boys in particular grab Dancia's attention: Jack: a troubled boy and Cam: the popular good-looking boy pretty much in her whole school. Although the staff at the school, Dancia is realizing doesn't necessarily have good intentions for their students. 

Here is why I enjoyed this book so much. Dancia has real thoughts and feelings. I don't understand when readers in the past( readers) say she's weak or is mean to her friends. Her thoughts come naturally to her. She is strong in that she tries to use her power when she knows she can accidentally injure people in the process. Her thinking her friends have quirks is only natural because I honestly observe people around me and honestly don't have the best thoughts of people and I never state them but I do think them. I totally understand where people are coming from that Jack was much better for her than Cam. I actually felt Cam was using her but it isn't too certain since we only see him sometimes during the book. I think we will see more of him in Book 2: The Marked now that Cam and Dancia are going to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Jack was a good guy even though he was emotionally scarred and I believe he feels stalking was ok since he is messed up. Dancia was looking for her white prince like Jack said and not someone troubled. It's safe to say that if we continue to see more creepy things in Cam in The Watchers then something is up with him. The story did feel slightly lagging at times because much was spent on the mystery of Delcroix Academy instead of the characters. 

buy the book from The Book Depository, free deliverySo it's easy to say that The Candidates is a good ride that has to take its time to conclude so you see its thrilling suspense and supernatural elements. I just love books in paranormal genres so this was in all thought something fun to sit down and read. 

                                  About the Author
Inara Scott grew up in winter wonderland of Buffalo, NY. Consequently, she spent much her childhood complaining about being cold. To spare the world her whining, she fled the cold climate and eventually wound up in the Pacific NW. Inara loves it there — there you get occasional snow, tons of rain in the winter, and lots of sun in the summer. The forests are huge, and the old Douglas Fir trees and thick ferns make you think you’ve wandered into a fairy tale. Inara would be surprised if there weren’t fairies and elves living here. Seriously.

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