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Big Fan! Author Interview with Tracy Rozzlyn author of the Verita series

Tracy Rozzlyn's Bio

Tracy Rozzlynn is a Science Fiction and Fantasy, Young Adult author. She lives in New England with her daughter and several pets.

Verita is her debut novel.


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Author Interview
Questions and Answers

1. Thanks and Thanks again, Tracy.
I'm a big fan of your Verita series.
So when you agreed to being interviewed right here at the blog I was elated.

Now tell us how would you introduce us to your first book Verita and your whole series?

Brett Bradbury is an ordinarily girl, but when her life crumbles apart, colonizing the newly discovered planet Verita, seems like her only option. Overall, it’s not a bad choice. She has a great job. She’s making friends, and falling in love. Of course there are a few drawbacks. The woods are potentially filled with creatures who view her as dinner. Brett’s constantly fighting with her colleague, Ryan and no one told her falling in love would be so overwhelming.

2. As a whole, how many novels are we talking for the Verita series?

There will be a total of four books.

3. Where did the idea for the Verita series come?

The idea of colonizing another planet has always intrigued me and I’d just finished reading the Twilight series. A romance set on a far off planet seemed like the natural choice for my story. Once I started writing, the ideas just started flowing. Sometimes I’d wake with an idea. I’ve learned to keep a pad by my bed for those occasions :) 

4. On noticed you have read Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan. I have read too and found that its similar to Verita in that in both books the characters are forced to leave their planet (Earth) for another one to inhabit it. Other than that, I know for a fact that yours is completely different. How would you say its different?

Glow is set on the spaceships, but the main story of Verita takes place once everyone has landed. It focuses on Brett’s relationships with the other teenage colonists and the strange new world she now calls home.

5. What are some influences as a writer, if you have some? Why are they your influences?

My mom, she instilled a love of reading in me. My daughter, I consider the type of person I want her to be when my main character faces a decision. Amanda Hocking and Stephanie Myers, their easy to read page-turning styles inspire me. I hope that readers can sit down to one of my books and devour them in one evening like I can one of Amanda’s or Stephanie’s books. 

6. How many books in your writing career have you written and what were they about?

I have three books out: Verita, Concisus and Fast-Tracked. Concisus is the second book in the Verita series. Fast-Tracked is the first book in a dystopian trilogy. A single test determines a person’s rank in society. At least that’s what Alexandria thought before she and her best friend/boyfriend received very different rankings.

7. You as an Author: Could you share tips on working with publishers or if your self-published any good advice for other self-published authors?

I’m self-published. The best advice I can give is find a good editor. Then next best advice I can give is join some independent author groups through Goodreads and Facebook. You’ll meet some great people and receive valuable advice. I’m constantly learning something new from other indie authors. 

8. You as a regular person: What are some of your pastimes or hobbies?

I’m a mom, so my daughter takes up most of my non-writing time. She’s a ball of energy and a lot of fun to be around, so that’s not a complaint. Right now, we’re practicing softball, gardening, and doing a lot of arts and crafts. 

9. What are you currently working on in writing, right now?

I’m working on Fast-Trapped (book 2 in the Fast-Track Trilogy) and Darkened Shadows, and angel and demon based trilogy. 

10. Would you like to mention something else, Tracy, before we close the interview?
Feel free to do so.

I don’t have set released dates for Fast-Trapped or Darkened Shadows, but when I do I’ll post them on my website

Thank you Cassandra for both the reviews and the interview. 

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