Saturday, September 17, 2016

Blogging Trends this 2016 and Moving Forward

This year there does seem to be a lot of so-called "social media influencers", a word simply used to indicate individuals who exude influence on the Internet.

The Social Media Networking of Things

And while there are a lot of video personalities out there. I don't know I don't see a lot of those Youtubers or photo Instagrammers being successful. Partly because a lot of these are adapting a copycat cute Instagrammer personality or the sweet girl-next-door who goes to college.

And I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but this isn't all that relatable. That's why for these copycat personalities they'll be getting only a select demographic and likely those who were the originals of what they do.

Next. I should address Instagram. While Youtube should ever remain the most accessible and flat-out fun when it doesn't get ugly, Instagram, suffers from the boring and what else is there syndrome. Considering this I don't see it having staying power and as we speak I don't see its potential. Not to mention its design and layout offers nothing exciting. Key things I look for in websites or apps.

Those things out of the way, let's talk about what I do see having potential: 

#1 Twitter: Yes. Always at the top. For good reason. It's very multi-media. It has become a place where people can directly interact with companies, brands, websites, and so many types of people.

#2 Soundcloud: Not expecting this? Well, me either. As I first observed Soundcloud I merely thought it could be a competitor to Spotify but no. Its value lies in potentially being utilized by social media influencers and bloggers. We can use it as a podcasting tool and or for audio memos for our readers while we build communities right on the site.

#3 Pinterest: I wasn't sure if to add it or not but Pinterest has a small potential. Creators are drawn to it for inspiration through its visual elements and if so social media influencers and bloggers can utilize it to form closer connections amongst themselves. But it's not exactly for readers or followers because its purely visual and not much else.

#4 Google +: Google + is a little difficult to place. The only use I forsee in it is this: focusing on the creation of groups and for people in there to share stuff from there purely based on interests and hobbies. The thing is Google should focus on encouraging group growth because while I have created groups with specific goals I only get a handful of people joining. Instead people want to stay apart in their own social media profile bubble and interact from there and only once in a while check other things like company pages.

The Larger-Scale Plans of Things

E-newsletters shall be very important moving forward. I see this now. One is busy and before you know it time has passed and if one likes a blog/website one wants to be sure they are keeping up by simply getting a message through e-mail. Simple and hassle-free.

Because no no one should want to bother with checking tons of other channels. That's overwhelming.

Keeping up constantly. Things are constantly happening and developing and due to that you need to keep up constantly on your blog/website and social media networks so that your readers keep you fresh in their minds.

The Smaller-Scale Plans of Things

GIFs: These things are entertaining. When done right and not overused they can add flair to your blogging efforts or social media networking efforts.

Be authentic: Yes. Do but don't get arrogant.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading.

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