Thursday, September 29, 2016

White Noise by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure Music Album Review

White Noise Music Album Review

I had promised myself I wouldn't be excited for White Noise but when the time came, I was still filled with this uncontrollable giddiness.

Which is why we have this review. I am always skeptical of any potential music releases by any and all musicians and singers. The difference here being I trust TK. I know whatever he does I am ready to think it will be amazing even if when I listen I may discover otherwise and be disappointed.

What I love about White Noise is how from the start TK was dripping tenderness in his voice. His music, of course, is such a difficult thing to comprehend but this too was on the same wavelength as his singing. But the highlight, the lyrics, I definitely get the sense a lot of care was taken with the lyrics. Which is good I care about the lyrics. 

It was utterly magical. How each song was cohesive but at once different. How as I listened to Addictive Dancer I was picturing a swirling vortex. Probably in white. How I was happily shocked by Showcase Reflection and how Metal it sounded. Ha! Take that Ling Tosite Sigure fans. This is what Metal or hardcore music would sound like by either Ling Tosite Sigure or TK from Ling Tosite Sigure. Everything before was obviously Rock. Sorry but some of TK's and Ling Tosite Sigure fans piss me off.

But back to Showcase Reflection. While Metal it still sounded like TK. I don't know, I guess, I appreciated he was willing to dabble in it. It impressed me.

And the closer, invalid phrase. How much noise it had! Which I am guessing is the connection to the album's title, White Noise. Yes, well, that noise is what was making me get euphoric back in the Secret Sensation (like there is tomorrow) mini album release. Yes. I do think invalid phrase was a good way to end the album. In a flirty but inciteful manner coupled with TK's penchant tenderness. 

As to were I, to be asked if TK's White Noise is innovating music. My answer would have to be. I don't know. When it comes to, TK music, genre blurs entirely and if I can't distinguish genre how could I say with certainty. Not only that but I'm no music fan or music aficionado, I just listen to music and hand out my observations. 

Thanks for reading!

White Noise released September 28, 2016 by Sony Music Associated Records.

Produced by: TK.
All tracks written by: TK.
Recorded and Mixed by: TK at Hansa Studios & Studio 4. 
Recording Assistant: Nanni Johansson, Tim Taurorat [Hansa Studios]
Mastered by Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound [Tr.1,2,6,8-10] & TK [Tr.3-5,7]
Final Master Sequenced by: Mitsuyasu Abe at Sony Music Studios Tokyo

Art Direction, Artwork, and Design: Tetsuya Nagato
Photography: TK, Mari Amada
Packaging Coordination: Hideyuki Sato [Sony Music Communications]

Purchase White Noise
Copies of the music release are in stock via Amazon Japan and CDJapan. They both carry the official releases and tend to ship to several countries. There are 3 different versions of the release so make sure you get the one you want.

About TK from Ling Tosite Sigure

Musician extraordinaire. Likely the greatest guitar player in the world, at least for now. Versatile singer.

White Noise is his third full-length music album release. 

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