Saturday, December 5, 2015

Colorful (2010) Anime Movie Review

Directed by: Shun Nakahara
Writers: Eto Mori (novel), Yoshimitsu Morita

For an anime movie about suicide it would still benefit many people to watch this movie. While suicide is one of those things that makes a lot of people nervous and thus they never deeply breach its root causes, thankfully, this anime movie did just that! Offering reasons for why people are drawn to suicide and even why they commit suicide.

What I loved about Colorful is it never seems to be like this is where the story may go until halfway into the movie and you start to get little clues. The story introduces us to a soul that is given a second chance at life after doing some mysterious, yet horrible misdeed but somehow "heaven" gives him a second chance. And while those who know me know that I am not a religious believer any which way, I still believe in the idea of seeing this religious connection as mythology usage and a good Entertainment tool to set up an interesting setting.

Therefore I enjoyed myself immensely while watching this film. The only problem was toward the end when self-discoveries were made I burst into tears. It literally made me emotional. Things took a drastic turn and the movie besides becoming a vehicle to tackle this great issue of social relationships and suicide, imparted a message. It is along these lines, all people are made up of colors. They are colorful. Basically the message meaning that say for example you have a cheating girlfriend. That cheating girlfriend could be a great daughter and support system to her mom. There is bad in people sure but then there are sides of them that we do not commonly see in day to day life that are worthy of praise. *Not that I am defending cheating in any way. Cheating is still a disgusting act by people. Going so far as cheating shows you don't care about hurting someone you love. Which to me is cruel behavior, something I cannot abide by.*

I was and still seriously am moved by this movie, Colorful. It tackled controversial issues of the social kind, imparted a message, and made you think about life. All of these things which I appreciate.

Language Watched: While I usually prefer watching anime in Japanese with English subtitles I made an exception with this movie since I was pretty tired when I watched it.

Voice Acting in English Dub: Amazing! While I had my issues with Josh Grelle voicing Gareki in the Karneval anime series, here, as Makoto Kobayashi he does a good job. His voice fit to the main character. Finally, there is another voice actor extremely worthy of mention and that is Luci Christian as Pura Pura.

Overall Experience: I cried! I think this is a sign that it was more than simply good. It has only happened with Titanic, Spirited Away, The Notebook, and a few other films where the story really draws you in, to that world.

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