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The Nine Days of Nine Naughty Novelists Interviews: Meg Benjamin

About Meg Benjamin one of the Nine Naughty Novelists

Meg Benjamin has spent twenty-plus years teaching and writing and Web designing in South Texas before pulling roots and starting all over again on the Colorado Front range. 
Folow her on Twitter: http://twitter.com/megbenj1

Author Interview

Questions and Answers

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1. What was that day like when you, Meg Benjamin and the Nine Naughty Novelists came together?

It was a dark and stormy night? Well, no. I was a very new author (as were several of us) and read a email from a couple of other authors—Erin Nicholas and Kate Davies—asking if anyone else would like to join a blogging group. Being very new and knowing nothing about promo (I still don’t know much, sigh), I thought that sounded like fun. So did six other people. Nine novelists were a pretty large group, but we coped.

2. In your opinion how hard is it to co-write between all of you?

The books that we actually wrote together were tough just because you had to wait on others to get their chapters done before you could figure out what was going to happen in yours. The short story projects were easier because each story was independent.

3. Your chapter might be the first of where Ward is mentioned in If You Give A Duke A Duchy?

It might. Then again, it might not.

4. Will you say readers or fans can expect more books from you guys the Naughties?

The work we’re doing now is more in terms of separate, linked books. I wrote one of the Promise Harbor Wedding novels (Bolted, ISBN: 9781619214293) along with Kelly, Erin, and Syd.

5. What is currently going on for you in terms of writing projects? Whether new releases or works in progress.

Books 2 and 3 of my Salt Box Trilogy are coming out in 2016. Book 1 was Finding Mr. Right Now, which came out last June. Book 2, Love in the Morning, comes out on January 5 and book 3, Running on Empty, will be out in September. Here’s the blurb for Love in the Morning:
Love in the Morning
Breakfast with benefits…

The Salt Box Trilogy, Book 2

The reality show Lovely Ladies of L.A. should have launched Lizzy Apodaca’s catering company into solvency. Instead, when her carefully prepared appetizers mysteriously gave the cast on-camera food poisoning, she lost everything.

To make matters worse, her car breaks down in Salt Box, Colorado, a town not much bigger than a salt shaker. But maybe her luck is changing—the handsome owner of Praeger House, the town’s premier hotel, needs a kitchen assistant.

Clark Denham realizes his diamond in the rough is a polished gem when Lizzy steps up to save the hotel’s breakfast buffet after his temperamental head chef quits. It isn’t long before she’s winning his heart as smoothly and efficiently as she runs his kitchen.

Their relationship goes from simmer to rolling boil with the speed of a short order cook. But when a bevy of not-so-lovely ladies shows up in Salt Box, Lizzy’s past disaster threatens to flatten her happily ever after faster than a falling souffl√©.

Warning: Contains salty dialogue, several servings of high-carb cooking, and a big platter of screaming-hot bedroom delights.

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