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Review of Diamond Eyes by A.A. Bell

WINNER 2011 ASFF NORMA K HEMMING AWARD for excellence in Fantasy & Science Fiction

                                         SHE CAN SEE YOUR DARKEST SECRETS 
Orphaned as a child after the bizarre deaths of her parents, Mira has been tormented by visions of ‘ghosts’ ever since puberty. As a carrier of the Fragile-X gene, her eyes have crystallised more than usual, causing her physical and emotional pain. Diagnosed as blind-sighted and institutionalised in the Serenity Centre -- a sanctuary for handicapped adults -- she can see convicts of the past, yet she cannot see any of her real surroundings or even her own body. After a number of failed escape attempts, Mira has regressed under increasing medication to a near-child-like state; paranoid, terrified and unco-operative. Then two medical specialists arrive at Serenity to do a health survey -- while secretly testing new technology that interrogates the human subconscious. The project leader is also selling military secrets, and when he murders one of the bodyguards to cover his crime, Mira is the only witness … 

Recommended: Yes.

                About Diamond Eyes
                Available as: Paperback , E-book
        Buy off: HarperCollins Publishers Australia  (Electronic book through Kobo and Amazon .com ) 
                           Recommended Ages: 15 and Up
          Paperback: 534 pgs.
          Published: November 1st 2010 by Voyager (first published October 2010)

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 My Star Review 

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Mira Chambers is classed as a blind and insane inmate at an asylum. She wrestles against the asylum clinic's staff and wont allow anyone to get past her barriers to get to know her. Then,  Ben a new staff helper sees in her something  that can open up and be good. Mira Chambers can be more than that, but nobody besides Ben truly sees that she may just be different than the rest of us. In a way that lets her understand things like no other with her beautiful eyes that grasp details around her that seem vivid to us readers as she describes the world to her. Diamond Eyes has a lot of 
great suspense during moments where we begin to see of Mira's unique condition.  Which is amazing.

What will catch readers attention the most is that the characters are very multi-faceted, in short, they have complex personalities. My favorite were the scientists who were key in the story. They brought a big amount of humor along with the character of Ben who was just as humorous. Mira herself is a very strong-willed but caring person who is new to life outside outside of the cage ,the asylum, is to her. As Diamond Eyes progresses there is a strong sense of mystery as all the characters discover that there is foul play involved over a very important technological advancement. 

Diamond Eyes is not the end, author A.A. Bell,  has just recently released Hindsight which is the sequel. Of all the books to read Diamond Eyes is a fantastic science fiction book with a perfect measure of suspense and romance worthy of a lot of praise as well as recommendation.         

                          Overall: Amazing read!
 Genre: Science Fiction, Mystery/Suspense, Young Adult, Adults Should Be Able To Enjoy Too, Thriller

                             Diamond Eyes by A.A. Bell, Book Trailer

                                  About the Author 
A.A. Bell is an award-winning best-selling author who has published fiction and non-fiction over the last ten years for adults and children. In 2008, Diamond Eyes, won Highly 
AA BellCommended in the Fellowship of Australian Writers Awards (for an Unpublished Manuscript). 

A.A. Bell lives in Queensland with her family, including two teenagers, and a menagerie of four-legged animals.


BookStacksOnDeck said...

Wow, that sounds amazing. Nice review! I'll have to check it out.


nat_isabel said...

I really want to read this, I just keep seeing such good reviews for it I don't thin I'll be disappointed!!! I have to get my hands on it soon. (:

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