Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Review of Chasing the Nightbird by Krista Rusell

Fourteen-year-old Lucky Valera is a seasoned sailor about to join the crew of the whaling ship, Nightbird. But when his estranged older brother suddenly kidnaps him and forces him into servitude as a mule spinner at the mill, his life takes a dramatic turn for the worse. Determined to escape, Lucky links up with some unlikely allies: Daniel, a fugitive slave who works alongside him at the mill, and Emmeline, a Quaker ship captain s daughter. Emmeline offers Lucky passage on her father s ship in exchange for his help leading escaped slaves through the Underground Railroad, but Lucky knows getting out from under his brother won t be easy. When their plans go awry and Daniel is threatened by ruthless slave catchers, Lucky discovers that true freedom requires self-sacrifice, and he comes eventually to realize he is part of a larger movement from which he cannot run away.

                                                  About Chasing the Nightbird
Being a sailor as his life didn't prepare Lucky Valera to live a regular life of a boy on land instead out at sea. It doesn't prepare for a long-lost brother. A not-so-wanted older brother at that. Quickly learning blood is thicker than water. Lucky must choose what he has known as his life or a new purpose. Deeply spiritual till the end with humor which will keep you reading with great interest. 

                                 A little more about Chasing the Nightbird
Started with a great surprise and you're gradually pulled into it. I enjoyed reading parts throughout where Lucky spurted out his crazy sailor talk. Never a dull moment within reading Chasing the Nightbird. It could be it's only 193 pgs. This does in no way affect it. I feel it ends in peace.
Would this be for You?
  If you like a story that draws you in quickly then, this is a nice fit. You'll  soon get drawn into Lucky's very realistic sailor talk. To be read in taking your time. The story is that of a movie. Not to be rushed. The ending is every bit fulfilling once you get there.  Also a final note this is a fast and light read.

                           Author's Note
Krista Russell is a graduate of Seton Hill University's Writing Popular fiction program. Born in Massachusetts , she now lives in Georgia. Chasing the Nightbird is her debut novel to be published by Peachtree Publishers.
                                     * Early Book Reader Copy Provided by Publisher *
                         Book Info
                           Hardcover: 192 pages
              Release Date: September 1, 2011 by Peachtree Publishers

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