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Interview with Shayne Leighton author of the "Of Light and Darkness Series"

Shayne Leighton (Young Adult author of a new vampire/magical world named Of Light and Darkness: The Vampire's Daughter) is at Book & Movie Dimension!

Author Interview 

The Book & Movie Dimension Blogger:  Is Of Light and Darkness your first paranormal fantasy book written?
Shayne Leighton (The Author): Yes, Of Light and Darkness is my first paranormal fantasy BOOK I've ever written. :) It's actually the first book I've ever written and completed. I started a lot of stories that I was never in love with, so I ended up scrapping them all. Of Light and Darkness (The Vampire's Daughter) truly pulled me in as an author and the characters just demanded in my head that I keep going with it. However, even though this is my first novel, my background is primarily in screen writing. My other two works were two feature length screenplays, Guardian of Eden (which was a film that really never saw the light of day, and The Incubus, which was also a paranormal fantasy. That movie went on to be released for a short time in movie theaters in South Florida and is now in the works to being distributed. I can't release details on that yet. ;) 

The Book & Movie Dimension Blogger: How many books are you set to write in the Of Light and Darkness series? It is a series  right?

Shayne Leighton (The Author): Originally, I thought I would write 5 books.(Yes, it is most definitely a series!) But after giving it more thought, I think 7 is a much better number. I know that's kind of ambitious for a debut series…but I seriously want to do it. I want to write 7 stories in the world. I think Valek and Charlotte have a lot to say, and I want to give them ample time to say it. Now I just hope that people will want to keep reading about them! 

The Book & Movie Dimension Blogger: Can you tell us anything concerning the characters, personality wise which are you most like?

Shayne Leighton (The Author):This is an interesting question. Obviously, I think I relate the most to Charlotte. We have similar personalities in that we are both kind of…weird. We can be both sides of the coin at the same time; mature and childish, brave and timid, strong-minded and soft-spoken. We both like to push the limits and test exactly how far we can go before crossing some sort of line. We're both playful, though we always carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. I really love her, because in my mind she is so complex. Even though Charlotte has a lot of issues, most of the time, she fills in the pieces of the person I want to be. Brave, selfless, determined, and always optimistic. 

The Book & Movie Dimension Blogger: Any projects concerning Of Light and Darkness or just other projects you're working on?

Shayne Leighton (The Author): My current WIP (work in progress) is book 2 in the Of Light and Darkness Series, titled, The Vampire's Reflection. But I hope to have that done soon. My main project that I am focusing on right now is the film adaptation of Book 1 in the Of Light and Darkness Series. The film is currently in development and we have several names attached to the project such as Michael Welch (The Twilight Saga) and Cassie Scerbo (ABC Family's Make It Or Break It) as well as a few others. I'm working with Candace Charee to secure the film as a "green-lit" project and push it into the next stage, pre production. 

The Book & Movie Dimension Blogger: What has always made you want to be a writer?

Shayne Leighton: I didn't know I always wanted to be a writer. Mostly, I just LOVE story telling in every aspect, whether that be writing , acting, music, or filmmaking. I love to tell a good and impossible story and I'll use any medium I'm inspired to use to tell it. I've been writing since grade school and always found it very therapeutic and something that I continually love to do, because in a book, you can make anything happen. Anything is possible. There are no limits in storytelling…and that's my favorite part.

The Book & Movie Dimension Blogger:Any other Of Light and Darkness information you'd like to share with readers?

Shayne Leighton (The Author): I would just like to invite readers of this blog to read book 1 if they haven't already. It's now available anywhere eBooks are sold, and coming out in paperback from Decadent Publishing VERY shortly. Also, search Of Light and Darkness on Facebook. We have a great community of fans and readers and I ALWAYS love to write and talk to you guys! Thanks so much for reading! 

                                           Big Fan! The book? Amazing. Loved.

Review of Shayne's Book Of Light and Darkness: The Vampire's Daughter  
(Book 1)

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Thanks for introducing us to Shayne. I love the cover.

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