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Interview with Kimber An author of the "Ophelia Dawson Chronicles series"

We have Kimber An today. She's author of both Crushed Sugar (Prequel) and Sugar Rush (Book 1 ) in The Ophelia Dawson Chronicles series.

The Book & Movie Dimension Blogger: Tell us about your books available now?

Kimber An (The Author): Crushed Sugar takes place over the first couple of days of school and really sets up Ophelia’s life before she becomes involved with the Newblood Conflict.  It’s a short novella and sets up how Ophelia ended up with the Villain instead of the Hero, even though she’s intelligent and better suited to Adrian.  Tristan is introduced, along with the Newblood (alien/human hybrids) conflict with Oldblood Vampires, though Ophelia remains na├»ve about it through no fault of her own.  Then, in Sugar Rush we find Ophelia ensnared in a relationship with Martin.  Although she’s desperate to end that, she doesn’t realize that he’s supernatural and using her for her diabetic blood.  Over the course of the story, she develops confidence in her strengths as she discovers the truth, breaks free of Martin, and solidifies her romance with Adrian.  You can find their blurbs and reviews at:

The Book & Movie Dimension Blogger:  For The Ophelia Dawson Chronicles, how many are planned?

Kimber An (The Author): Um…well…I was thinking five, but now I’m thinking four.  The third book, Sweet Bytes, was just accepted by Noble Young Adult

and I think I’ll discuss that with my new editors.  You see, the trouble is my imagination is like a gigantic warehouse crammed with stuff and I have to go in there and sort things out whenever I write a new book.  Besides the first three books, I have two more solid in my head, but I’m not sure most of the fourth is necessary.  Maybe I can pair down the ‘stuff’ into one large novel.  It’s complicated.  The nice thing about editors is they only see what’s in front of them.  I see the *entire imaginary universe* and it overwhelms me sometimes!  So, an editor can look over what I have and not get lost in the details, like I do. 

The Book & Movie Dimension Blogger:  Books in the works in the future?

Kimber An (The Author): Besides Ophelia’s stories?  Oh, yes, my imagination is crammed full of ‘em.  I could stay busy writing down stories without creating any new ones for at least ten years.  But, I usually do create new stories at the rate of about two a year.  And I love ‘em all, so it doesn’t matter which one I do next.  If Noble says they want a Steampunk, yep, I got one of those! The Mechanical Witch.  Historical?  Well, I have this one about a girl who disguises herself to ride on the Pony Express back in the 1800’s.  I also have a Space Opera I’m still trying to develop my writing skills enough to tell properly, The Star Captains’ Daughter.  I’m sure I’ll be tired of writing stories set on Contemporary Planet Earth by the time Ophelia’s done, so I’m hoping to go with something more out of this world or time period next.  Maybe a Time Travel Romance.  I wrote one called Manic Knight which just narrowly missed out on publication before I signed with Decadent last year.  Maybe I’ll rewrite that.  Wouldn’t take long.  It’s set during World War II, Battle of Britain.

The Book & Movie Dimension Blogger:  Anyone who reads e-books knows about Decadent Publishing. Tell us, please, about your experience with them?

Kimber An (The Author): I had written four novels in four years, revised, polished, submitted, got them rejected a bazillion times by agents and publishers alike.  And then, all of a sudden over the course of about two days, I received contract offers from three different ePublishers.  I liked Decadent’s contract best and chose them.  The first couple of months were hard as I tried to learn the ropes of the editing process as quickly as possible.  Then, I was put with Lea Finley and Leslie Soule (also an author) and everything seemed to click for me.  I understood them and they both patiently explained things in a way that I could understand.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with them both.  Once the first book was released, things got hectic as I was suddenly a published author promoting that and then second book, all while trying to write the third book and raise four children.  Yes, four!  It was crazy.  Things have settled down as half my brood is in regular school and I only have two at home, and I’m more used to my new life.  Still, I have Tendonitis now!

The Book & Movie Dimension Blogger:  Tell us something about your decision on being an author?

Kimber An (The Author): Storycreating is something you’re born to, something that comes naturally, like breathing.  Storytelling takes a lot of learning, practice, and hard work.  I’ve learned that the best authors never stop trying to improve their ability to tell a good story, because it’s not enough to have a good story.  You have to be able to communicate that story to another human being in an understandable and enjoyable way.  And you have to be incredibly passionate about it, because authors don’t get paid much and we have to put most of it back into promo.  Even most Traditional paper authors have to keep their day jobs.  Only a few bestsellers make the big bucks.  The rest of us have to claw and scratch away at the bottom.  So, you really have to love it a lot.  I think being a mom helped a lot with that.  Moms don’t get paid money for any of their hard work.  It’s all about love.

The Book & Movie Dimension Blogger:  What are triumphs and trials of an everyday author?

Kimber An (The Author)

Kimber An (The Author): Trials:   Finishing an edit while Tendonitis hurts and immobilizes my hands (my husband’s getting me Voice Activated Software and a Chiropractor) while my four children scream and throw things in the background.
Triumphs:   Hitting send when I’m done with that editor and having a child show me the book he’s writing so he can be just like Mommy, only his has sound effects and full-crayon illustrations and usually involves lightsabers and the Force.

The Book & Movie Dimension Blogger:   I'm really proud to have you here this Saturday, Kimber. Your book series of The Ophelia Dawson Chronicles is an enjoyable read to be on  anyone's to-be read list.

Kimber An:Thank you for inviting me, Cassandra!  It was a blast.

The Book & Movie Dimension Blogger:  Your welcome Kimber, definitely glad to have you here:)

Readers, Reviews of Kimber An's books.  
                                                                                       Crushed Sugar 
                                                               (Prequel in The Ophelia Dawson Chronicles)
                                                           Review of Crushed Sugar by Kimber An 
                                                                     (At Book & Movie Dimension)


                                                                                      Sugar Rush
                                                      (Book 1 of The Ophelia Dawson Chronicles)
                                                        Review of Sugar Rush by Kimber An 
                                                                 (At Book & Movie Dimension)


Kimber Li said...

Thanks so much for interviewing me, Cassandra. Can't wait to send you Sweet Bytes!

Cassandra @ Book & Movie Dimension a Blog said...

Don't mention it Kimber. Can't wait for Sweet Bytes. This is some series.

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