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Review of Mundahlia (The Mundahlian Era #1) by R.J. Gonzales

                When our era ends, theirs begins.
Rini thought going to live with her cousins in the city of Austin, Texas while her parents rekindled their marriage on a four month long cruise, was a step in the right direction. When she makes a new quirky friend, and stumbles upon a handsome nude young man named Jett in the enveloping forest surrounding her cabin, she thought she was only moving forward. Well, she was wrong.

Jett and his clan appear human, just like anyone else. But take a closer look, and you will see that they are indeed Mundahlians. Legendary hybrid beings with both human and animal qualities that have been kept a heavily guarded secret throughout time—until now. They are taking refuge in our world, fleeing from their hidden homeland of Mundahlia and its aging power-hungry King, who has set up a game between his many children. Whoever can bring them back to their world so they can be tried and executed shall receive the crown once he passes.

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                                           About Mundahlia
Rini is a girl that moves with her cousin for a temporary time as her parents try to rekindle their relationship. Rini is a very admirable female lead because she's willing to stand up against snobby people. She's not quiet and that's a really great quality which made me like reading all the more. As her stay proves to be heading for strange she uncovers a dark world filled transforming beasts.  Yet, of all, things one of the scary beasts is a guy Rini might be closer to. Hopefully he wont eat her like the other beasts.  Book 1 of the Mundahlia Era will give readers some serious bad guys, hot romance, and some very scary monsters.  Mundahlia is only the beginning of what I'm sure will be a wonderful fantasy series!

                                                                  Overall: Amazing read!
                               Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
                                                                     My Star Review  5 of 5 stars
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Available as: Paperback (Createspace) $8.99, E-book (.99)
Published: August 2nd 2011 (first published July 2011)
Recommended ages: 15 and up.

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                                                                  About the Author 
Born and raised Texan, RJ Gonzales entered this world with a thirst for writing and
reading stories. Moving from city to city while growing up, his “best friends” consisted
of a pencil, a paper and his imagination. Even though he’s been writing short stories since

his early childhood, It was his senior year of High School (2010) that he decided to write
a full length novel based on a short story, sprung from a dream, that he’d written and put
away freshman year (2006). That novel is Mundahlia, the first book in The Mundahlian
Era series. His second full length book, (not in correlation to The Mundahlian Era novels)
is entitled Unearthly. When not reading or writing, RJ can be found watching TV in the
comfort of his room whilst awaiting heading off to the mysterious, frightening world
known as “College”in the fall. Yes, he secretly wishes he’d been accepted via owl mail
delivery too.

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